• Healthiest Countries In The World

    According to Blomberg and their latest list of the healthiet countries, the Uk currently ranks 19th.

    Bloomberg evaluated health variables and risks ranging from those of behavioral nature to environmental characteristics. Final index only included nations with at least 0.3 million population and sufficient data. 169 WHO states met the criteria to be included.

    We have risen by four placesin the last two years. However, Spain is now considered the healthiest country in the world, having risen from 6th place over the last 2 years.

    According to a study of 169 nations released last month, Spain now ranks at the top of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index with 92.7 points out of 100.

    There’s a range of reasons: public health care, the Mediterranean diet, life expectancy, smoking habits, lower rates of obesity, environmental conditions, and access to safe drinking water.

    Spain also has a higher life expectancy for newborns, and life expectancy is 83 years old.

    "Primary care is essentially provided by public providers, specialised family doctors and staff nurses, who provide preventive services to children, women and elderly patients, and acute and chronic care," according to the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies 2018 review of Spain, noting a decline the past decade in cardiovascular diseases and deaths from cancer, according to EL PAÍS.

    I am trained as a functiontal nutrition coach and am currently working on a course which will cover diet/lifestyle and tantra, which should be available soon. If anyone has a particular query, maybe about a particular health issue, please ask. If I do not know the answer, I will do my best to find the answer, through my sources.



  • Reiki Drum Therapy

    I have been using Reiki healing energy since about 1996.

    In the early 1990'2 my closest friend, who is also Godmother daughter had another friend who had a horse riding accident. She suffered severe injuries and her parents were told by the hospital doctors that she would not recover. The parents refused to accept this and started researching altenrative therapies. They chose reiki and a group of her freinds were attuned to the reiki energy and gave her 24 hour healing on a rota basis. From being in a coma and paralysed the young lady made a full recovery and has lived a life and yet the hopsital doctors ahd given up on her.

    Through a series of events, having known that my freind was involved in this remarkable healing I was given the opportunity to be attuned to the reiki energy myself and hvae used it on a daily basis ver since.

    Back in the 1990's it was not commonplace, but now most people have heard of it. In recent years, many different forms have come into practice. My lineage is directly from Dr Mikau Usui. Last year I attended some sessions of reiki gong therapy that is being given locally. I loved the sound of the gong and started to consider working with the gong myself, even if just for my own personal use. However, I discovered the gongs are very expensive, as is any training being offered. However, in my research i came across reiki drum therapy. With drums being very much more affordable and taking up less space, I decided this might be a better option for me. So, I have spent a very enjoyable time with a small group and our drums.

    Sound is very healing and is also an important part of tantra, so I might be incoporating it into my sessions in the future. I have started using it to charge the energy of my healing room, but I am very conscious of hearing my neighbour, so have kept the drumming as quiet and gentle as possible, so as not to disturb anyone else.

    The drum training was in a beautiful wooden lodge type building within the ladies garden. It would be wonderful to be in the position to have a seperate therapy room in a more private situation.



  • Understanding people's behaviour

    I am not sure that I will ever understand the behaviour and motivation of some people.

    As any of you reading this will know, my clients find me through google, which gives people the opportunity to rate a business. Yesterday morning I got up to an email saying that someone had put on a rating. This was done at 3am in the morning. No comment was made just a star rating. In the past six months, three people have added star ratings. These people have not been clients and not people that I have even spoken to. My assumption is that they are either other therapists who are trying to bering down any competition, or that they are people who have come across my website and due to their lack of understanding ot Tantra are attempting to make things difficult.

    It is a sad world that we are living in, where people who do not know you behave negatively towards you.



  • Masculine and Feminine Energy

    Being at the stage of evolution where we manifest in human form, we exist in a state of limited consciousness. We experience reality as a series of objects and concepts that appear to be separate from each other. This state is typified by the Sanskrit word “dvaita”, which translates loosely to the English word “duality”, where reality is essentially composed of a series of polar opposite pairs: subject/object, light/dark, right/wrong, either/or, etc. Throughout our reincarnation cycles of life and death, we constantly experience the conflict of these many poles of existence, all the time not realizing that these oppositions are an illusion, a fundamental misunderstanding about the true nature of reality. This paradigm of limited consciousness is given the name “samsara”. Our actual being is described as “advaita”, or “non-duality”, a state of consciousness in which the separation between all objects and concepts merges into an infinite unity, which is called “nirvana”. Transitioning from the state of samsara to the state of nirvana is the great work that we have undertaken over many, many lifetimes, although at the present moment we may have forgotten that we have agreed to do this work.

    The ancient philosophy of Tantra, as it has been preserved in both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, engages a particular set of polar opposites which have a powerful effect on the evolution of consciousness. These are the opposing energies that we have given the English names “feminine” and “masculine”. In spite of the biological origin of these words, the energies of the feminine and the masculine have little to do with physical gender. Instead, feminine and masculine are aspects of consciousness that are accessible to anyone, of either gender, who is conscious that these energies exist and are in play all the time and all around us. When the person is unconscious of these energies, then women may tend to manifest feminine traits, while men tend towards the masculine, on an instinctive level. But even in these cases it is tough to make generalizations, there are plenty of men who exhibit powerful feminine qualities, as well as women who project a masculine essence. It is also possible for a person’s energy to flip from one pole to the other in reaction to unconscious triggers.

    The nature of feminine/masculine duality presents the feminine as being receptive, nurturing and emotional, while the masculine is presented as being projective, controlling and intellectual. The shadow side of the feminine is passivity, and for the masculine it is aggression. These feminine and masculine qualities can be observed in all aspects of human existence, and in Tantra, this is thought of as being our defining human duality. The Piscean age was mostly dominated by an imbalance of masculine energy. Thus over the past few thousand years we see the rise of logic and science, but also a state of almost continuous warfare. Repression of the feminine energy has brought humanity to the tipping point towards self-destruction. When the emotional, nurturing side of humanity goes unexpressed, the result is suffering.

    While the split into feminine and masculine is the most potent factor holding us in a limited consciousness state, the Tantra philosophy also says that these energies are the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to transcend samsara and enter into nirvana. The great work of Tantra is in bringing the energies of feminine and masculine into a holistic balance, then being able to shift towards one pole or the other whenever necessary, but always being able to return to the balanced state at will. So whenever an emotional or receptive response is needed, the person can choose to shift towards a feminine state, and if a situation calls for control or intellect, the same person can intentionally choose to shift towards a masculine state. Then once the need is no longer there, that person can then return to a state of balance, a kind of embodied enlightenment. This is the future evolution of humanity. As we become more balanced, the greed, violence, depression and fear will naturally subside and peace will finally become possible.



  • 2019

    As we start this new year, it feels that the Universe is continuing to push us towards clearing out all that is not working for us, whether it be on a personal or global level. The energy was very strong druing the last couple of months of last year and has continued into this year. My sense is that if people, dont step up and make the changes needed, they will find themselves in a situation where it is forced upon them, whether through ill health, redundancy or other unwanted experience.

    Unless we want some big cataclysmic expereince here on earth, we HAVE to make changes, to the way we are living our lives. My personal feeling is that these changes are going to have to come from the bottom up. We cannot look to those at the top, to make the changes for our well being. They are too caught up in the dense energies to help us out of them.

    It is also very easy for individuals to get caught up in the dense energy too. Ths energy fed with the fear and negativity brought about the news.

    Whatever we focus our attention on, we will get more of.

    As I have said before - thoughts become things, think the good ones!

    We are all beings of light. We have become trapped in this density by our past mistakes and have continued to go round in circles repeating the same patterns. To get off, we have to start living from our heart centre wth the values of love and respect for all living creatures and the earth itself. At some level, we are all connected as one. We are all sparks of creation (God).

    I ask that you spend some time each day imagining that you are drawing light down frome the Universe, through your crown chakra, filling your own body with that light and then sending it our from your heart centre outwards. Directing to any person, any institution, business, government, country that would benefit from light being shone into its darkness.

    The more people who join together as beacons of light, the more quickly we will see the changes that are needed.



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