• Health and Diet

    I have been a vegetarian for the majority of my adult life, but returned to eating the occasional fish or meat dish when eating out. I have been allergic to dairy and wheat for a long time, but in recent years have gone through stages of having difficulties with other foods too, so it became quite difficult to find something on a menu that I could eat when eating out which is a past time that I enjoy with my family.

    I have always had an interest in health and food and as I have written about previously completed a dunctional medicine course some time back.

    I cannot understand why the medical profession is not trained in nutrition and why the NHS and government are not looking more deeply into the root causes of the epidemic of ill health, disease and obesity that the population is suffering.

    Over the last few weeks, I have been guided constantly towards veganism. Even my eldest son, who has always been a meat eater and did not join the rest of the family as a vegetarian has chosen to reduce his meat eating to a maximum of three times a week.

    Following my recent recommendation to watch a documentary called HEAL, I am now recommending a further watch, this one is called WHAT THE HEALTH. It is also on Netflix. It would definitely be helpful to anyone suffering diabetes, heart problems, prostate, cancer, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

    I am aware that the governments and big corporations are more interested in money than the well being of the population, but I still found parts of it shocking!

    As individuals we have to start taking responsibility for ourselves. Changes are going to have to come from the bottom up!



  • Another documentary!

    I strongly recommend a documentary that is available on Netflix or, I believe I-Tunes. It is called HEAL.

    I receive information about health and spirituality from various sources. I cannot remember where I came across the documentary and have only just watched it today,. It sums up all of my beliefs. I have done some work in the past with Dr David Hamilton who features on there.

    It aligns with tantra in that everything we experience is recorded in our energy, but if we do not process our emotions as we ought to, it blocks the energy and at some point then causes dis-ease. Tantra is all about the energy and processing emotions and releasing the blocks in our energy. As it states in the documentary, our medical services are great for dealing with injuries after an accident but when it comes to other issues, they just offer a prescription drug, which in many cases, can cause the exact symptom they are treating.

    We have to start taking responsibility for ourselves and doing what we can to clear both our inner and outer environments of toxins, whether that is from food, products we use or from our relationships.



  • Health

    Further to my last post about cholesterol and statins.

    I have always had an interest in health and food and last year completed a functional medicine course with regard the root causes of ill health and disease.

    I was a vegetarian for many years as a young adult and returned to it when my two younger children chose of their own accord to become vegetarians. My son returned to eating meat at about the age of 18, when he began bodybuilding, believing that he needed animal protein to build muscle. I have spoken to him numerous times over the years with regard the impact on his health. Like many young men, he has also used protein shakes.

    Many young men are suffering kidney issues due to the unnecessary amounts of animal protein they are consuming.

    I have even passed on information about the number of body builders and atheletes who are eating a vegan diet.

    I spent last weekend with my son. He often suggests programmes to me that I might find interesting on the television and he recommended that I watched a documentary on Netflix, called The Game Changers. I think that it might be also be available through the internet. He was right, I did find it interesting It featured some of the doctors that I have read for the functional medicine course. It showed that science is now catching up and showing that our bodies do not need animal products and that the worlds strongest people and top atheletes follow a vegan diet.

    I am not suggesting that everyone in the world would become vegan, but I think for the sake of the preservation of our planet, we need to return to old farming methods, with fewer animals that are properly cared for, rather than the unnatural industrial type farming, that is destroying the planet. Not only that but I believe the hormones that have been introduced in order to speed growth etc, have interfered with the natural balance in humans. When we interfere with nature, we cause ourselves harm. So if you choose to eat meat, then good quality naturaly grown grass fed meat is better for health and as it is more epensive, eating that a few times of week rather than daily would be beneficial.

    I certainly recommend the documentary, as it will give more information than i have done.

    For those choosing to eat meat. I would also recommend Pipers Farm, who offer a delivery service for good quality grass fed meats.



  • Cholesterol and statins

    I am always surprised by the willingness of many people to take drugs handed out by their doctors without any real thought as to the side effects associated with them. I say side effects but as one doctor i heard speak recently said, they should not be called side effects, but just effects.

    Doctors in the UK, are trained to match symptoms to the drugs that the drug companies are making vast amounts of money from. It is not in their best interests for us to be healthy.

    Doctors never get to the root of a health issue and drugs cause other issues. With statins being one of the biggest culprits in casing men erectile dysfunction.

    Lowering cholesterol isn’t the best or the only way to protect the heart. The risk of cardiovascular disease can be quickly and easily lowered by diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes, but most doctors focus primarily on lowering cholesterol. They do this with statin drugs, which ironically weaken the heart and cause other side effects that increase your risk for heart disease. And lowering cholesterol isn’t the best or the only way to protect the heart.

    Ever increasing evidence shows that the consumption of too much sugar (in all its many guises) and not enough nutrients is actually the root cause of heart disease—not fat or cholesterol. Dietary fat is not the cause of heart disease as so many of us have been led to believe. Inflammation is! And sugar causes inflammation. The huge increase in sugar consumption parallels the rise in obesity and diabetes—both of which are risk factors for heart disease.

    Better Than Statins

    Nowadays, people are told to take cholesterol lowering drugs if their total cholesterol level is as low as 200. The body, and brain in particular, need cholesterol to function properly. Without enough cholesterol, you are at increased risk for depression—another independent risk factor for heart disease. Dr Northrupp believes that if your cholesterol level is lower than 240–275 mgs and your HDL is 60 or above, you certainly don’t need a statin. (And, you might not need one even if your total cholesterol is higher than that.)

    ou can learn more about the dangers of statins by reading “Buyer Beware.” For now, know that the serious side effects resulting from statins include muscle weakness and fatigue, liver damage, brain and nerve damage, and depression. Statins may also promote cancer and even heart disease! This is because of the way they work. Statin drugs block cholesterol production by inhibiting the enzyme HMG-Co-A reductase, but in so doing, statins also block production of two vital nutrients—coenzyme Q10 and substances called dilochols, both of which are absolutely essential for proper cell health and heart health.

    Instead, focus on other ways to protect your heart, like diet, exercise, and expressing your emotions freely. 50% of heart attacks are in individuals with healthy cholesterol levels—so obviously there’s far more to this than cholesterol alone. And there are many natural substances that help your heart far more than any statin. Here are Dr Northrupps favourites:

    Magnesium. Among its many roles in the body, magnesium helps stabilize electrical conduction in the cardiac muscle. It also helps relax the smooth muscle in blood vessels, Witteman contributing to maintenance of normal blood pressure and vascular tone, and assists insulin in transporting glucose into cells, fighting glycemic stress. Because it helps all muscles relax, it’s very effective in helping prevent cardiac damage and even death after a heart attack. In fact, up to 40 to 60 percent of sudden deaths from heart attack are caused by spasm in the arteries—not blockage from clots or arrhythmias! Eisenberg4 Magnesium deficiency is much more common than you would think due to commercial farming practices, which rob the soil of nutrients. Certain medications also cause depletion of magnesium.

    Magnesium comes in many forms. You can take magnesium oxide, chloride, or chelated magnesium. Capsules usually contain 250–500 mg of magnesium. If you have cardiovascular challenges, you should aim for 500 mg per day in divided doses.

    Our soils are so depleted that nobody is getting the magnesium that they require, even if eating a healthy diet.

    Omega-3 Fats From Fish. The well-known Nurse’s Health Study found that women who ate fish once per week cut their risk of stroke by 22 percent, while those who ate fish five or more times per week cut their risk by 52 percent. iso5 Studies have also shown that 3 g per day of fish oil containing both EPA and DHA is cardioprotective because it makes platelets more slippery and decreases cellular inflammation. leaf6 The evidence that the omega-3 fats in fish are heart healthy is now so compelling that the American Heart Association now recommends that all adults consume fish at least twice per week. Fatty cold-water fish such as wild Alaskan salmon contains the most omega-3 fats.

    The benefits of eating fish have been confirmed over and over again, and continue to make the headlines. For example, a recent review of 97 clinical studies on the effects of lipid-lowering agents (statins, fibrates, resins, niacin, and fish oils) showed that fish oils provided the greatest reductions in total mortality and cardiac morbidity. Studer7 For those of you who don’t like fish, there are some excellent omega-3 supplements available. Take 1,000–5,000 mg of omega-3 fats per day from fish oil, flax oil, hemp oil, or an algae-derived product.

    Niacin. Niacin, known commonly as vitamin B-5, is a naturally occurring “statin.” Doctors often recommend it to help increase HDL (good) cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and lessen arterial constrictions. Studies show that niacin may work by keeping the liver from eliminating HDL cholesterol.

    Recently, Zetia (ezetimibe), a prescription statin drug given to help lower bad cholesterol, was studied and compared to niacin’s affects. Zetia is often given in addition to a regular statin for patients who have very high cholesterol or are at a high risk for heart attack and/or stroke. After the 14-month trial, niacin reduced plaque buildup significantly in patients, whereas the Zetia actually increased it. Additionally, nine people taking Zetia died during the trial compared to two deaths for patients on niacin. The kind of niacin used in the study is not available over-the-counter; it’s a time-released prescription. However, the results of this study led researchers to conclude that, in high risk patients, adding niacin to the patients existing treatment for high cholesterol carried a much greater benefit than adding the Zetia.

    For women - Natural Progesterone Cream. Evidence that progesterone protects the heart is becoming more prevalent than ever. I predict that clinical trials in this decade will show without a doubt that progesterone decreases the magnitude and duration of coronary artery constriction. Don’t be fooled into thinking that all progesterones are created equal, though. A recent research paper reviewing the cardiovascular effects of MPA versus natural progesterone suggests that there is a minimal level of progesterone necessary for normal cardiovascular function in women. Hermsmeyer8 Perimenopause is the time when a progesterone deficiency is likely to make coronary arteries most susceptible to damage. I urge you to research this issue for yourself. And then, before turning to potentially harmful drugs or synthetic hormones, ask your healthcare practitioner to prescribe transdermal natural progesterone instead.

    Though a well-designed, substantial clinical trial is needed for proof of the cardiovascular benefits of progesterone, smaller studies have shown that angina can be treated effectively by as little as 20 mg of natural progesterone applied to the skin of the chest, hands, or abdomen once or twice per day. (This is available over the counter in many pharmacies. Emerita or ProGest are good brands.) Taking progesterone orally doesn’t work nearly as well.

    Listen to Your Heart

    In addition to arteriosclerotic plaque deposits and oxidized LDL cholesterol, emotions such as depression, anxiety, panic, and grief have been shown to cause constriction in blood vessels, thereby impeding the free flow of blood. Over the years, I have seen happy, joyful women with high cholesterol levels live healthy lives into their eighties and even nineties, while much younger women whose lives were characterized by depression, anxiety, or hostility might have their first heart disease symptoms in their early fifties despite normal cholesterol levels. That’s why the one-size-fits-all answer of a statin drug doesn’t really get at the heart of the matter—pun intended.

    The core issue when supporting your heart’s health is having the courage to open your heart to the possibility of living joyfully. If you have cardiovascular disease, start by opening your heart to yourself. Feel all of your emotions fully—even the yucky ones, like anger and sadness. Know that your emotions are your inner guidance system, letting you know whether or not your needs are being met. I also highly recommend you protect your heart with fish oil every day and consider adopting some of my other holistic options instead of taking a statin. These options just make more sense.



  • The Emotionally Absent Mother

    Anyone reading this who have been lucky enough to experience a loving childhood, will not be able to resonate with what I am saying.

    Many of you might have found the last two weeks to be uncomfortable, as the eclipse of both the sun and the moon in a short space of time, together with many of the planets going retrograde, has brought things from the past to the surface for healing.

    Healing from a difficult experience is usually cyclical, in that we can think that we have healed, but a while later we are hit again. Some people say it is like layers of an onion. I like to think of it in a different way. If you imagine that your life is like climbing a ladder, with our birth being represented by the base of the ladder. The bottom of the ladder is in darkness, representing the emotional baggage that we need to heal from. As we learn and grow and climb higher up the ladder we move towards the light. Enlightenment.

    When we are on the bottom rung of the ladder, the ground will look very different from what we see when standing on the tenth rung.

    I think healing is like climbing the ladder and that we need to heal each piece of baggage with the different perspective brought to us from the learning and understanding that we have already experienced.

    So, as with everyone who is living a life, I am still working on my own healing and this week has been one of the more challenging. I have concluded that it is perhaps easier for a child to lose a mother to death, that to live with one who is physically present but emotionally unavailable. By child, I am referring to someone of any age. When a person loses their mother to death, it can be very difficult to make the adjustment, but most people work through their grief and time is a great healer. When you have amother that is still here physically but is emotionally absent, there is hope that maybe, just maybe they will see you and become the mother that you need and want, but every hope is dashed and the loss is grieved in a continuous cycle.

    I find it hard because I am unable to share my experiences with my children. I was determined to give my children a different experience from my own. My adult children, so far, seem unable to understand my expereinces because I am their rock, the one person that they know loves them unconditionally and is always there for them, to do what I can to encourage and support, when needed. Although, I brought them up to be independent and follow their own inner guidance. They are adults with busy lives and live away so the time we do get together isprecious.

    I was advised many years ago to break away from my parents for my own good. I chose not to do this as I believe that we choose our parents. The ones that are most likely to give us the experiences that we have chosen in order to learn. I am not entirely sure that I have worked out the exact reasons I chose my parents and my life experience, but I know that I wouldnt be the person that I am today without them.

    I have found myself asking a lot in the last couple of months 'what would Jesus do now' - that might seem a strange question, but it can be hard to keep giving and attempting to connect when it is thrown back at you. The easy option would be to walk away, but I think Jesus would continue to offer his uncondiotnal love and support when needed and let go of all the hurts. So, my point in writing this, is to say I do practice what I teach and there are times when I feel like one of those toys that bounce back when you knock them over and on occasion wonder whether it has been one knock too many, but I also believe that we are never given more than we can actually cope with and I do bounce back, hopefully with more learning, more understanding and more wisdom.

    When my father died, he thanked me for the love and mercy that I had shown him. At the time I found the word mercy a strange choice. I have since come to understand that. Maybe one day I will write a book about my experiences, even if only for my children.

    I have no doubts that my spiritual practices have helped me in my life.



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