• Energy 11.11

    My last blog was about the influx of energy that we have been receiving this year and the boost that was to be expected in November.

    When I wrote the blog, I was giving warning that it could be an uncomfortable month. I wasnt expecting to feel the discomfort myself, however at the beginning of the month, I found myself in a situation where I was sent straight back to the fear of my childhood. However, I do practice what I preach with regard releasing emotions from the energy. I have felt like one of those toys that you knock over and they come back to upright again. When I first started on my spiritual and healing pathway, it used to take me a while to come back to standing, but now it happens pretty quickly.

    I am however, aware that we are in the middle of an influx of clearing energy from the Universe. This is not only affecting us on a personal level, where we are being pushed to let go of the things in our lives that are not aligning with our core being, but it is happening on a bigger scale, with governments etc. We are shifting as part of the evolutionary process and there will be lots of things that have been hidden coming to the surface. For many the things being disclosed may be shocking and fear provoking, but I believe it all to be for the good, for our highest good.

    I cannot remember exactly when, but as a child or teenager, I was given information about technolgies that the world governments were aware of and were being kept secret. I believe these will come out into the open soon. Ways of supplying free energy to our homes and a way of running our cars, that does not cost us money or harm the environment. I have no idea at the moment how it might work in practice, but I believe there will come a time, maybe not in my own lifetime, where there will be no need for money.

    I also believe that there is a lot of knowledge that has been kept hidden with regard health. My close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer a short time ago and has had a double mastectomy and my cousin just two weeks ago was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is this week starting a course of chemotherapy. Everyone has the right to make their own choices with regard the treatments that they undertake, but my personal sense is that hitting the body with toxins, is not the answer, but I am aware that I have a very different attitude towards health, (perhaps most things), than the majority of people, including my family.

    Anyway, my reason for writing now, is that I believe that we, the earth, may be hit by a solar flare at some point in the near future. This could well knock out our computers and mobile phones temporarily, and many people may well find this a frightening experience, with thoughts of the world ending, armageddon. This is not the case. If it happens at all, it will just be a boost of energy to clear out the last of the low vibrational energy, so that we are able to complete our evolutionary process to the fifth dimension.



  • An influx of energy

    I have spoken before about the waves of energy that have been coming from the Universe in order to help the earth on its evolutionary pathway.

    Almost every person I have spoken to in the last few weeks have found themselves dealing with thing in their life that they didnt expect to be dealing with - difficulties at work, the unexpected end of a long term relationship etc etc. I said at the beginning of the year that my sense was that there would be a lot of clearing happening this year. That anything that was not serving us as individuals or on a bigger earthly scale would be pushed to the surface to be dealt with.

    I have said to numerous clients that the Universe will start with little hints and if you dont pay attention and start to make changes it will give you more of a shove and if you still ignore it, something will happen that will force the situation, whether you like it or not. It has been very obvious with a couple of my friends, who have done their best to ignore certain situations, hoping that if they didnt pay it attention it would go away without them having to actually face it.

    I am writing this as a warning, that I believe that during November and possibly into December we will be receiving another wave of energy. A last push for this year to shine light on the darkness within our personal experiences and on the earth. Things can only be resolved and changed when we see them.

    So, if there is anything in your life that you are trying to ignore, be prepared for a bumpy ride. Whatever it might be, acceptance and taking steps to make changes, might be the easiest option, even if it doesnt feel that way right now.



  • When sex is an act of exchanging love it becomes divine

    It’s because today’s society doesn’t really understand the difference between love and s*x , that many of us don’t recognize the importance of the role that the soul plays in the male-female relations. Many people lose their power and influence because they’re not good at channeling their sexual energy.

    The family, which is the basic building unit of our society, is not the same anymore. It’s falling apart. We witness the birth of unwanted children every day. Nowadays, people seem really confused by their sexual urges. They look at each other as they’re machines and that’s how the well-rounded, meaningful and fulfilling relationships become just a distant concept.

    Sexuality is a powerful life force which by itself isn’t good or bad. Like the knife- it depends on how you use it. A surgeon can save a life with that knife, but a murderer can take a life. The difference lies in the consciousness of the person that is using it. Similar to that, sexuality has two sides. Sexual activity can easily turn into mistreatment, amusement and lust. In such circumstances s*x becomes an act of selfishness. On the other hand, if it represents exchange of love, it becomes divine. When we engage in sexual activities in order to exchange love, it’s selfless and unconditional.

    :: The importance of a deep and meaningful relationship

    Our society desperately needs deep and meaningful relationships – filled with much more love than they are today. Nowadays people seem really confused by their sexual urges they look at each other like they’re machines and that’s how the well-rounded, meaningful and fulfilling relationships become just a distant concept. Most people haven’t really experienced true love. In fact, the majority of us have never been able to accept any kind of expression of love – whether it came from a parent, a friend or a spouse – without thinking about their hidden agenda. We haven’t really experienced selfless and unconditional love and we certainly won’t find it through meaningless s*x.

    Men and women need to become more sophisticated in their relations. It doesn’t really mean that they should refrain from s*x. However, instead of indulging into transient pleasures, we should learn the meaning of commitment and try to develop a solid, long-lasting and full of understanding relationship.

    :: Beauty comes from the soul

    This society pays an excessive amount of energy into beautifying the body in order to attract members of the opposite s*x. However, our soul, not the body, is the source of our beauty and attractiveness. God is beautiful, and the more soulful and devoted we are, the more our inner beauty gets to shine. Sometimes we forget that fact and maintain only physical relationships.

    But men and women can develop deeper relations. Pass the physical, women usually socialize and fall in love with man of romantic reasons, from the heart, while men usually establish relations that look logical and rational. Its because of those reasons that men and women can’t understand each other. However, there are even deeper levels of bonding where these differences practically disappear under the influence of the dazzling energy of the soul. Then sexuality becomes strong, constructive force.

    :: S*x as a divine act

    S*x is healthy and natural and it serves a divine purpose. In its highest and purest form, sexual intercourse represents merging of the male and the female in order to serve God, thus creates a way for a new soul to incarnate in the material world. When we truly see s*x in this manner, it becomes a spiritual act. On the other hand, if our perception of sexual intercourse is pretty shallow, easily engaging into one-night-stands, we accept the materialistic, selfish point of view on life. Spiritual cosmology sees the man as a part of a bigger community where every individual plays a unique part. A man who just inseminates a woman and then leaves her, doesn’t even show personal responsibility, let alone social responsibility and spiritual understanding. To be socially responsible, people should take care of the welfare of the whole community.

    Nowadays, so many of us engage into sexual activity so easily that our sexuality weakened, and so many relationships meet their end because people can’t satisfy each other. Creating semen requires such a big amount of energy. No wonder we are becoming incompetent as a society when men are wasting so much of their priceless treasure. Our memory and ability to fulfill each other are getting weaker. We do everything mechanically, becoming unable to appreciate the deeper and more meaningful level of friendship, love and partnership.

    :: The power of sexual energy

    Sexual energy is the most powerful energy that we posses. To grow spiritually, we must learn to govern it. Although, society emphasizes sexual activity, underneath it all, what we all really want is to give and receive love, not lust. When we express our sexuality through love, we elevate the level of your consciousness; but when we are under the influence of lust, sexuality can decrease our awareness. We can become divine beings or irrational beasts.

    Our inability to understand the spiritual aspects of sexuality and reproduction has become a serious problem. The planet is gradually becoming overcrowded with beings of a lower level simply because people practice s*x and don’t take responsibility. Egocentric people who use others for their own pleasure. Can’t be expected to give life to selfless, compassionate, devoted souls. How can such a community create anything holy and pure? Not a single highly developed soul will be drawn to these circumstances.

    We all need to pay more attention to our sexual behavior. We can be easily distracted by material benefits, and even s*x. So much that we forget the importance of true love. We must learn to love each other more and become more skilled in developing strong and long-lasting relationships. Long-term relationships, in the form of a marriage filled with love, provide an invaluable opportunity to men and women to express their sexuality in a spiritual connection.

    From consciousreminder.com



  • Christopher Robin

    I recently saw the film Christopher Robin. I dont tend to look at reviews as often in the past I have enjoyed films with bad reviews and not enjoyed films with rave reviews. I gather from a friend after seeing the film, that this one did not receive very good reviews.

    It is certainly not one that I would encourage people to go and see at the cinema. In the early stages I did find it very slow and wondered why on earth I was sitting through it and whether I should in fact leave and make better use of my time. However, I felt in the end that it did have a very good message, although I also wondered how many people who did sit through it would recognise the message that it was imparting and take notice of it.

    For me, the very important message of this film, was that people have lost balance in their lives. Long work days have taken over from what really matters which is connection and relationships with family and that everyone needs to take time out/holidays away from work for their health and well being.

    We have become a society that lives to work, rather than one, that works to live. We are expected to be available 24/7 to read and answer emails or texts. People are working long hours, with little or no socialor family time because they are frightened of losing their jobs to someone else who is prepared to do the hours.

    Children are struggling in school. There are children starting school in nappies because they are not toilet trained. Huge numbers of our adolescents are suffering depression. The number of suicides has increased. People are finding it hard to start or keep a relationship. All health issues have increased. Many people are living on convenience food or takeaways because they dont believe they have time to cook.

    Is it time to rethink our values?

    I had a conversation with someone recently where I said that I can just imagine what an alien who landed here, in the UK anyway, would think. They would look at the people squashed on commuter trains in rush hour, or sitting in queues of traffic, going to buildings where they sit in offices, often staring at computers all day, and they would laugh at us. Is this what life is about?

    How would you like your life to be?

    What are your values?

    Does your life reflect those values?



  • Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything.

    Maybe it's unbecoming everything that isn't you so that you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.



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