• 2020 - Happy New Year

    I have been saying for some time how the energies are changing. My sense is that this coming year will be an extremely powerful one with many cycles endings and new ones beginning. We are moving away from 3D density, materialism and permanence towards experiences that are more temporary and flexible. I think that our political and social systems will change dramatically from that which we currently know.

    It is however, important to not become involved in the drama of what will be going on 'out there'. The revelations of corruption and misbehaviour of those that ought to be setting an example. We all have the power to create and we need to focus on and work from the inside out. Our experinces will reflect our own energy. So, set your vibration to joy, love, gratitude, freedom, and align your thoughts and actions with those.

    I think it will be a time when we will focus on the healing of the planet and showing more care towards all those living on it. We have been living from the solar plexus energy, the power centre, the desire to be 'one up' to be better than others, to have more to show our success. I feel that materialism is on its way out, that people will want to simplify their lives, let go of clutter and all the things that we do not really need.

    This morning I saw an interview about a new film coming out in January. A beautiful day in the neighbourhood with Tom Hanks, playing a man called Fred Rogers. He was apparently a childrens tv presenter in the past, who promoted kindness. An apt film to begin this year. A simple thing that would change our experience of the world.



  • Christmas Wishes

    There have been so many things recently that I had wanted to write about, but time has run away with me and my 'to do' list never seems to get shorter. The days disappear so quickly and as I understand it, next year will feel as though it is passing even more quickly than this.

    Christmas seems to be a mad time, which rather than be a happy and relaxing time to spend with family, would appear to cause problems and stress for many people. As anyone who knows me will be aware, I, do not like the commercialism around this, or any other holiday. I heard yesterday, that the majority of families are still paying for Christmas, in July, having gone above and beyond what they can actually afford.

    I also know that many people have this year decided not TO DO Christmas at all. I am taking time to spend with my family, but with several of them working shifts, it isnot easy to get all the family together in one place at the same time.

    Whatever your plans, I wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful time!



  • Coaching

    I have been working to expand the teaching and coaching side of my work, with regard both health and relationships and sex. I only have a basic computer knowledge when it comes to producing websitesand products and I keep coming up against difficulties.

    I wonder if anyone reading this could give me their views. If you were wanting to learn more about tantra and its connection to healing , health issues, relationships and pleasing your partner, would it be preferable, if not doing it in person in a workshop situation, would you prefer to receive this in written e-book or document form or a presentation with spoken word? I am limited as to expenditure, so want to proceed in a way that would be most useful and productive.

    If anyone is interested in a coaching session rather than a massage, or as well as, please let me know.

    Any thoughts can be sent to me at freyassecret@gmail.com

    Thanking you in anticipation.



  • Health and Diet

    I have been a vegetarian for the majority of my adult life, but returned to eating the occasional fish or meat dish when eating out. I have been allergic to dairy and wheat for a long time, but in recent years have gone through stages of having difficulties with other foods too, so it became quite difficult to find something on a menu that I could eat when eating out which is a past time that I enjoy with my family.

    I have always had an interest in health and food and as I have written about previously completed a dunctional medicine course some time back.

    I cannot understand why the medical profession is not trained in nutrition and why the NHS and government are not looking more deeply into the root causes of the epidemic of ill health, disease and obesity that the population is suffering.

    Over the last few weeks, I have been guided constantly towards veganism. Even my eldest son, who has always been a meat eater and did not join the rest of the family as a vegetarian has chosen to reduce his meat eating to a maximum of three times a week.

    Following my recent recommendation to watch a documentary called HEAL, I am now recommending a further watch, this one is called WHAT THE HEALTH. It is also on Netflix. It would definitely be helpful to anyone suffering diabetes, heart problems, prostate, cancer, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

    I am aware that the governments and big corporations are more interested in money than the well being of the population, but I still found parts of it shocking!

    As individuals we have to start taking responsibility for ourselves. Changes are going to have to come from the bottom up!



  • Another documentary!

    I strongly recommend a documentary that is available on Netflix or, I believe I-Tunes. It is called HEAL.

    I receive information about health and spirituality from various sources. I cannot remember where I came across the documentary and have only just watched it today,. It sums up all of my beliefs. I have done some work in the past with Dr David Hamilton who features on there.

    It aligns with tantra in that everything we experience is recorded in our energy, but if we do not process our emotions as we ought to, it blocks the energy and at some point then causes dis-ease. Tantra is all about the energy and processing emotions and releasing the blocks in our energy. As it states in the documentary, our medical services are great for dealing with injuries after an accident but when it comes to other issues, they just offer a prescription drug, which in many cases, can cause the exact symptom they are treating.

    We have to start taking responsibility for ourselves and doing what we can to clear both our inner and outer environments of toxins, whether that is from food, products we use or from our relationships.



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