• Film Recommendation

    I recently came across a documentary on You Tube called Thrive - What on earth will it take. It was made some time ago, so I am not sure why I had not come across it before, but I highly recommend it. It puts all my personal belefs about our current situation in a very succint way.

    A follow up was released at the weekend, which is available for a small fee through their website. Another which I highly recommend, which gives us some hope for the future, speaking about inventons for free energy and healing cures, that have been kept from general knowledge.

    I hope that everyone is keeping well.

    I am now offering some coaching sessions, if anyone is feeling he need to talk about issues that they might be facing.



  • Are you awake yet?

    This is a brilliant video. Please pass the link onto anyone and everyone. It talks about Irish figures, but the same applies to England.




  • Forgot to add a link to my last post

    This has all been planned by the elite over a very long period of time


    The intention is to reduce the population by a huge percentage, except it didnt quite go to plan, so the vaccine will be the next attempt.



  • Latest Government Rules

    I would find it very hard to believe that there is anyone not now questioning the governments agenda with the total madness around the virus rules. Although, it would seem that either my children are still believing it, or perhaps, they are just too embarrassed to admit that maybe I have a point in that all is not as it seems or as the general public are being led to believe, with the fear mongering of the media.

    I am not able to attach graphs here, but it is easily found. On September 11 there were 9 deaths in the UK, and that was with Covid and not of it. The last date with any significant number of deaths was July 1st when there was 99 - again with and not of. All had co-morbidities.

    Overall this year there has been less deaths than usual seasonal flu, although quite possibly more deaths from other illnesses and suicides caused by the lockdown.

    The current rise in so called cases, is because the government are pushing testing. A test which 'reliable' scientists say cannot give accurate results and gives many false positive.

    'The main test used to diagnose coronavirus is so sensitive it could be picking up fragments of dead virus from old infections, scientists say.'

    People need to stop going to be tested. It is these people that will put us back into a full lockdown. There is plenty of information out there that articulates the facts, far better than I can. The government is not using facts and sites like Facebook, You tube and Google are removing information that does not align with governments agenda.

    We are being enslaved. We are losing our freedom and our sovereign rights!



  • Film Recommendation

    I was sent a clip from this film this afternoon, which led me to watch it in its entirity. Rik Mayall died a few months after finishing it, in 2014, at just 56. Coincidence?

    It is very apt at this moment in time with all that we are experiencing.


    Watch it and share it. The only thing it doesnt mention is the child sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

    Around 40,000 people assembled in Trafalgar Square yesterday, to peacefully demonstrate and speak up against the lies that we have been told about the coronavirus. It is interesting to note that it has been barely mentioned in the mainstream media. Why?

    Nobody was wearing masks or social distancing.

    I hate to think of the psychological damage that has been done to young children and babies having to look at people, their parents wearing masks. Let alone those, who are being forced to wear them by their parents. It is not a law. The government website, still states it as being advisory. Anyone who cares about their health, should not be wearing one.

    The govenrment are discouraging, all things that contribute to a good healthy immune system. Breathing fresh air and connection to loved ones is vital for good health. As well as a good diet.

    Fear and anxiety, the media, masks, loneliness all contribute to lowered immunity making a person more susceptible to ill health. The government are predicting a second wave. They know that with people wearing masks, their immunity will be lowered when the normal seasonal flu hits.

    It is all intended to encourage people to willingly accept a flu vaccine or a coronavirus vaccine. Do not believe the NHS or the government or the mainstream media when it comes to your health and well being. Do your research. These are extremely dangerous. And for those of you with school age children, if you are going to send them back to school, make sure that you know the school policies.

    Revelation 13:16

    Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead,



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