• 2019

    As we start this new year, it feels that the Universe is continuing to push us towards clearing out all that is not working for us, whether it be on a personal or global level. The energy was very strong druing the last couple of months of last year and has continued into this year. My sense is that if people, dont step up and make the changes needed, they will find themselves in a situation where it is forced upon them, whether through ill health, redundancy or other unwanted experience.

    Unless we want some big cataclysmic expereince here on earth, we HAVE to make changes, to the way we are living our lives. My personal feeling is that these changes are going to have to come from the bottom up. We cannot look to those at the top, to make the changes for our well being. They are too caught up in the dense energies to help us out of them.

    It is also very easy for individuals to get caught up in the dense energy too. Ths energy fed with the fear and negativity brought about the news.

    Whatever we focus our attention on, we will get more of.

    As I have said before - thoughts become things, think the good ones!

    We are all beings of light. We have become trapped in this density by our past mistakes and have continued to go round in circles repeating the same patterns. To get off, we have to start living from our heart centre wth the values of love and respect for all living creatures and the earth itself. At some level, we are all connected as one. We are all sparks of creation (God).

    I ask that you spend some time each day imagining that you are drawing light down frome the Universe, through your crown chakra, filling your own body with that light and then sending it our from your heart centre outwards. Directing to any person, any institution, business, government, country that would benefit from light being shone into its darkness.

    The more people who join together as beacons of light, the more quickly we will see the changes that are needed.


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