• 2020 - Happy New Year

    I have been saying for some time how the energies are changing. My sense is that this coming year will be an extremely powerful one with many cycles endings and new ones beginning. We are moving away from 3D density, materialism and permanence towards experiences that are more temporary and flexible. I think that our political and social systems will change dramatically from that which we currently know.

    It is however, important to not become involved in the drama of what will be going on 'out there'. The revelations of corruption and misbehaviour of those that ought to be setting an example. We all have the power to create and we need to focus on and work from the inside out. Our experinces will reflect our own energy. So, set your vibration to joy, love, gratitude, freedom, and align your thoughts and actions with those.

    I think it will be a time when we will focus on the healing of the planet and showing more care towards all those living on it. We have been living from the solar plexus energy, the power centre, the desire to be 'one up' to be better than others, to have more to show our success. I feel that materialism is on its way out, that people will want to simplify their lives, let go of clutter and all the things that we do not really need.

    This morning I saw an interview about a new film coming out in January. A beautiful day in the neighbourhood with Tom Hanks, playing a man called Fred Rogers. He was apparently a childrens tv presenter in the past, who promoted kindness. An apt film to begin this year. A simple thing that would change our experience of the world.


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