• 3 steps to coping with overwhelm in a world that's gone mad

    I have just received this email from a mentor that I had a few years back and I thought I would share the information. Heidi Sawyer works with healing and energy and supports those who are in the energetic world called 'sensitives'. I have written about sensitives in the past. I think the information is useful to anyone who is feeling the effects of recent events.

    We’re in the thick of the 1/10 energy of 2017. At the end of 2016 in my prediction for 2017 I decided to choose my words very carefully to avoid you as a sensitive, worrying about the impending chaos. In the world, we’re now in the intensity of the ‘victim’ cycle of the 1/10 vibration.

    The collective unconscious is running wild, seemingly at every turn something unimaginable is happening. Most people switch off to things that don’t directly impact them, they shy away believing it is nothing to do with them therefore they shouldn’t involve themselves or even know what the details are.

    The truth is, the current 1/10 cycle means no one can ignore what’s happening. There is nowhere to hide.

    So what’s the purpose of it all?

    The purpose will show itself in time as an enforced compassion.

    We will begin to see the humanity people are capable of, the closeness that people can develop, the kindness that comes out of such cruelty.

    What is going on in this world is the darkness of human nature, will finally no longer be ignored. The mentality of greed will become shameful. It will soon become the vibration the collective will no longer accept, people will start to come first.

    As a sensitive, you feel everything.

    You have felt the cruelty of other people deep in your heart.

    You have felt when others have put themselves over you, even those who were meant to love you. You are loyal, yet you have been dumped in your life when something ‘better’ came along.

    What’s going on in the world right now, what’s happened in London, what’s happened in France last year, what’s happened in other European countries over the last few years, the fire in London in the last few days, the fire in Portugal over the weekend, the politics of the US, Syria, North Korea and Russia.

    It all reminds you of what happened to you…

    That feeling that something in life was put upon you, something you could not change. You feel the hurt, pain and sadness of others as though it were your own.

    It becomes too much you zone out, you disassociate because trauma is too much. It’s a reminder, yet you don’t want to disassociate because you want to help some way, perhaps taking their trauma, their pain, will make it better. That’s what you find yourself doing as a sensitive, trying to solve others pain whether you want to or not.

    So how do you manage this?

    Sensitives & Overwhelm: 3 Steps to Coping with Overwhelm when the World’s Gone Mad

    1. Remember, fear is just shame on over-drive

    If you take a fear and boil it down, it will come down to the same thing – fear of death or what other people think. If you take that thought a little further you’ll find the emotion of shame under both of them.

    Shame is a sense of inadequacy humans chose to hide. Next time you feel fear, own the shame. Ask yourself – what is it I feel inadequate about? Practice this and you’ll find fear starts to very quickly evaporate.

    2. Let yourself have the feeling

    Emotion is not shameful, therefore your sensitivity is not shameful, yet you have been taught it is. Society teaches us to be stoical, to never get too upset and when we do, we should be shamed into ‘what’s appropriate.’

    If these emotions are held inside, they become so intense they bubble over into the desire to withdraw and disassociate. The stress of withdrawal then builds up in your system to create crippling tiredness and often, anxiety.

    To actually stop the withdrawal, the tiredness and anxiety, let yourself feel the feeling right the way to the end of the feeling. Normally you cut the feeling off with a distraction so you never see it through to the end. If you allow the fullness, the feeling will pass through within 10 minutes rather than 10 hours, days or years!

    3. Compassion starts with the self

    It’s easy for a sensitive to feel compassion for another. We’re very used to making excuses for people and their bad behaviour “Oh they didn’t mean it” when perhaps they did. We rarely though let ourselves off even when it’s appropriate. We’re the hardest taskmaster there is.

    The next time you feel overwhelmed imagine you are a young child who has lost their adult supervision. What would you do with a distressed lost child? You would reassure them, calm them and listen to what they’re trying to say. Imagine yourself as that lost child and you have the support of a calmly reassuring adult. Do this often and you’ll then feel all is well.


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