• An influx of energy

    I have spoken before about the waves of energy that have been coming from the Universe in order to help the earth on its evolutionary pathway.

    Almost every person I have spoken to in the last few weeks have found themselves dealing with thing in their life that they didnt expect to be dealing with - difficulties at work, the unexpected end of a long term relationship etc etc. I said at the beginning of the year that my sense was that there would be a lot of clearing happening this year. That anything that was not serving us as individuals or on a bigger earthly scale would be pushed to the surface to be dealt with.

    I have said to numerous clients that the Universe will start with little hints and if you dont pay attention and start to make changes it will give you more of a shove and if you still ignore it, something will happen that will force the situation, whether you like it or not. It has been very obvious with a couple of my friends, who have done their best to ignore certain situations, hoping that if they didnt pay it attention it would go away without them having to actually face it.

    I am writing this as a warning, that I believe that during November and possibly into December we will be receiving another wave of energy. A last push for this year to shine light on the darkness within our personal experiences and on the earth. Things can only be resolved and changed when we see them.

    So, if there is anything in your life that you are trying to ignore, be prepared for a bumpy ride. Whatever it might be, acceptance and taking steps to make changes, might be the easiest option, even if it doesnt feel that way right now.


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