• Another documentary!

    I strongly recommend a documentary that is available on Netflix or, I believe I-Tunes. It is called HEAL.

    I receive information about health and spirituality from various sources. I cannot remember where I came across the documentary and have only just watched it today,. It sums up all of my beliefs. I have done some work in the past with Dr David Hamilton who features on there.

    It aligns with tantra in that everything we experience is recorded in our energy, but if we do not process our emotions as we ought to, it blocks the energy and at some point then causes dis-ease. Tantra is all about the energy and processing emotions and releasing the blocks in our energy. As it states in the documentary, our medical services are great for dealing with injuries after an accident but when it comes to other issues, they just offer a prescription drug, which in many cases, can cause the exact symptom they are treating.

    We have to start taking responsibility for ourselves and doing what we can to clear both our inner and outer environments of toxins, whether that is from food, products we use or from our relationships.


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