• Ascension to the 5th dimension and sex

    by Conscious Reminder

    All of us who exist in this 3 Dimensional matrix have been under the illusion that institutional religion is the only path to Spiritual salvation.

    And, though it might work for some, it is not the only way. In fact, if our ultimate aim is to get in sync with the divine and ascend to the 5th dimension, we need to pay attention to some of the root level differences.

    In this dimension, the sexual energies have been brutally divided into feminine and masculine; which is not the natural way in which they exist in the ascended realm. Patriarchy in partnership with Religion has been highlighting these differences, and suppressing out sexual energies by labeling them as sinful and regressive.

    The most common argument given in the favor of this orthodox mentality is that the spirit is tied down by the body and punishing or starving the body somehow would allow the spirit to be free and make the divine union. When in reality, a practice such as celibacy is only one of the many ways of finding revelation.

    Celibacy works on the principle of denying the body. However the method we are talking about embraces the body. Those who deny the body its pleasures are undermining and suppressing a very powerful source of energy, which is sexual energy.

    The heart, the mind, the soul and sex can all be united and this process is another method of achieving salvation. Sexual energy is a very potent energy, channeling which one can be awakened.

    Tantra is the term under which all such practices come under. Once we give ourselves up to this energy, we would be able to harness upwards through all the chakras in our system.

    In such a practice, the ultimate goal of lovemaking is not orgasm, rather it is to establish and connection and form a union with the Divine.


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