• Ascension

    I have wanted to add a post for a couple of days, but I have waited. The reason I have waited is that there are some people in the spiritual world who have an awareness and are saying that the information should not be passed on, because the fear and low level emotions that it could create will feed the dark force and that there is no need for the people to spectate and that it is better for them to sit in the love and light.

    I have been told by my guides this morning, that for those who want to be on the ascension time line, that they cannot sit on the side lines and allow others to do the work for them, they have to participate. We have to be aware and conscious of the dark, in order to be able to shine light on to it. However, I would a caveat here, that the work required is purely personal. There are people of the Alliance in place, to do the actual work, of removing the cabal. That is for us to TRUST and not to interfere with.

    Saying that, it is extremely important to JUST observe it and accept it and not get caught up in the emotions. Emotions will arise, but they need to be integrated, and allowed to flow and not caught and clung too. It is about feeling and processing and not rejecting. How do we do that - with the deep belly breathing! That I am always talking about.

    So, as I have said there are things going on behind the coronavirus that most people are unaware of. I believe the virus to be manmade, but I believe that it was released sooner than had been planned. I am not sure why, but it has backfired, as it is not as harmful as it was intended to be. I am aware that there are people dying, but what I am saying is that as it is very contagious, it could have been very much worse. But it has backfired in another way, because we have gone into shutdown and as a result, many people are 'waking' up and realising that there is something wrong with the way they have been living their lives. That what is really important to them is friends and family and their connection to them. They are being given TIME. Time to reflect. Time to do things other than work. To enjoy a slower pace. We have seen how Mother Earth has repaired in just a few short weeks. People have generally become more conscious of the damage that we have caused and are considering ways in which we could change.

    I say there are things going on behind the virus. It is not something that we are taught in school. It is something that I was born knowing. I have known for more years than I can remember that I did not have to return for another life here on earth, but that I came in order to help the Earth with her ascension process. To contribute my energy at this time.

    I have spoken to some of my clients about the dark faction that has been controlling the governments and the media, and that I expected a collapse of the financial, medical and education systems.

    We live on an earth of polarity. Everything has an opposite. Good and bad. We all have the potential to be bad, just as we have the potential to be good. I have written before about the cherokee tale of the two wolves. It is about the wolf that we feed. In every moment we have a choice whether what we do or say comes from love or from fear and hate. We are all microcosms of the macrocosm. So, if there is anything in us that is not good, it will be reflected out into the world as a whole. Which is why, I teach about releasing our shadow stuff. We need to do the meditation and the breath work to release stuck energy and raise our vibration. If we want to live in a beautiful loving and abundant world, we have to acknowledge our 'bad' and choose to live in love. But we cant just bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it doesnt exist and ignore it. We have to take responsibility for it, acknowledge it, learn from it and forgive ourselves for having fed the bad wolf.

    If you are looking for a deeper understanding of how we work as energy bodies in this world. I would recommend Dr Joe Dispenza book or video series called Rewired.

    So, outside in the world, there are bad people. A group called the illuminati or cabal, that think that they are special and have rights over the rest of us, that we are here to serve them. There was a time in the past when we may have been on the pathway that would have led to their complete take over, but there were enough lightworkers here to shift to a lighter and brighter timeline. They now cannot succeed, but they are still trying, but everything they are trying is backfiring on them.

    So, going back to the ascension timeline. If you want to be on the ascension pathway and if you are reading this, it would suggest that there is a part of you that connected with me because your soul recognised that it needed guidance. Then there are three things that you need to do.

    1. You need to have an understanding of the cabal and their dark plan. You dont need to analyse it. You just need to be aware of it and integrate any emotions that arise. As a warning there is some appalling stuff! There is a series on YouTube called the Fall Cabal Series. Part 5 has been taken down, but can be googled and watched elsewhere. That part is a particularly nasty one. If you only watch part one and dedide it is not for you, please do not leave thinking that Trump is a bad guy. You would have to watch through to the end, but I can assure you that, Trump is working for us and our benefit. I have known that from the very beginning. I also know that it is for our benefit that we have withdrawn from the EU. The EU is controlled by the 'baddies'. As is the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. Both of which will soon crumble.

    2. Make a personal declaration of sovereignty, laying down your own personal boundaries. Say this out loud whilst on your own, or with family, or put it our on social media. Whatever your preference. But if you do not make a point of declaring it, the cabal take the silence as permission to carry on. You can go online to look for words that feel right to you or you can use the following.

    I proclaim Sovereignty, I proclaim dominion over my mind, body and soul for all time, space, dimensions and reality. I am empowered, I make all my own choices, I stand in my truth. I will not and do not allow any interfering energies, thought forms, patterns and programs. I proclaim my peace of mind. Let it be so. And so it is!

    3. This is the difficult step, but one that is required, and that is forgiveness and gratitude and sending love to the cabal and the service to self structure. We are all part of the same. Each and very soul makes up a part of the whole. For the darkness to dissolve, we need to accept it as part of ourselves and send light and love to it. To give gratitude for showing us its existence and forgiving it its actions, so that it might be transformed and transmuted.

    I send love and light to all who have ever connected with me, in the past, future or now moment.


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