• Book Recommendation

    Yesterday I finished reading a book, which I highly recommend to everyone. It is called 'Confessions of a Medical Heretic' by Robert S Mendelsohn, MD.

    With the extra time that many people have right now, perhaps it is a good time to consider, how well we care for ourselves. The NHS are great at times of accident and emergency, but for general health and well being, with doctors trained to match drugs to symptoms rather than addressing the root of the issue, they create more problems than they solve.

    Our well being is affected by our environment, our inner environment and our outer environment. To some extent we are what we eat, but our outer environment is also a very important factor. Stress of any type lowers our immunity and upsets the balance of our bodies. So, if we are in a relationship or a job, that creates stress, our health will be affected. Maybe, our body is not suited to the place that we are living in.

    Health and well being is very much more than having a symptom and going to the doctor to get a drug to cure it. All drugs have detrimental effectson the body. There are not side effects - there are effects.

    So many people look at doctors as Gods - they do not question them.

    I very much recommend the book, Dr Mendelsohn, explains my beliefs, very much better than I am able to do myself.


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