• Catching Up

    It hasbeen a couple of weeks since I have written, although it doesnt seem like it. The days are flying by!

    There are so many things that I could have written about and probably would have done, if it didnt mean getting the laptop out, as I am only able to access this from a laptop. I would have thought that the website provider would have updated their technology so that it could be accessed by mobile devices, but not so!

    I am aware that on Thursday evening the Government did an about turn on all things previously said and said that beauty salons and spas could open from Monday for treatments. However, having investigated more fully yesterday, it would seem that Boris, or whoever is making the decisions, has not experienced a spa treatment. The behaviour in parliament question time the week previous, which was quite appalling, would suggest that is the case.

    So, it would seem that they are expecting therapists to preferably work from a 2 metre distance. Impossible! They then go on to say that if the distancing rules cannot be followed then a visor and gloves should be worn at all times, that there should be no skin to skin contact. I am sure that somewhere, there will be a therapist who works to these rules, but I would not want to receive a massage by someone wearing gloves and will not give one and neither do I want to be wearing any form of mask.

    I have written to question these rules, but just got an automatic response saying that due to Covid, a response could take some time.

    It is very interesting to observe the situation. On Thursday, i saw a video clip of Boris interviewing a medical specialist, I cant remember her name, but he asked about the wearing of masks, to which she responded that they should not be worn by the general public, that they would cause more problemsthan them not being worn and that they should only be worn by someone caring for a sick person and then for the shortest time possible.

    There have been numerous specialists from around the world, all saying that masks should not be worn, but then this morning when I checked in, there is a picture of him wearing one and saying that he may make them complulsory in all shops.

    How he can possibly think that it makes any sense to open up pubs and restaurants one weekend to then threaten the complusory use of masks the following is beyond me. It is obvious to most that people will not be able to eat and drink whilst wearing a mask.

    My mother had to wear one last week for a hospital visit, a follow up from her cancer treatment last year. he only had it on for a short time and ended up with a blinding headache.

    Wearing masks and reducing our oxygen intake, is not only cutting us off from Source (God), which we connect to through our breath, but is lowering our immunity.

    It would seem to me that Boris is being controlled. At the beginning of this saga, I felt that he was a 'white hat' as some people call those working for the good of humanity, but something shifted at the time he supposedly caught covid himself, followed by the birth of his baby. I would suggest that he is under threat to tow the line. I think that the confusion that has been caused by his different announcements, is due to the fact he does not align with the information coming from his mouth.

    I would love to be able to come to some agreement with the masses to just not wear masks, whatever is said, as by doing so, in my opinion it is submitting to those who are trying to exert control. However, I am sure part of the reason, is that they want people to feel separate from each other instead of feeling the unity consciousness, that we are moving towards. They want people to be fighting. There are already people being physically and verbally abused for not wearing them, by those who are still asleep and believing every word that the media and the government put out, rather than doing their own investigations and questioning the nonsense.

    I was going to give some links to various things, but for some reason my email account will not open so I cant copy the links.

    On a change of note, whilst on lockdown, I have been continuing with my studies and following guidance through my meditations. I completed a course yesterday and will be putting together something new over the coming weeks connected to living in the 5th dimension. This will include distant healing options, where I will be able to work with a client without being face to face. I am also considering returning to my reiki sessions, which could be done, if necessary, through the feet, so keeping a distance. Again I am waiting for my questions to be answered by the appropriate people.

    I believe that we have a lot more to work out way through this year. It is important to stay in your sovereignty and not get caught up in whats going on 'out there'. Observe but dont absorb. Keep breathing deeply into the belly and releasing the emotions. Keep focused on the fact that we are all one. All connected at source. Love for ourselves and our fellow travellers, is what is needed to change our situation. I would suggest that we will see a lot of changes in the next four years as we move forward to a new and better earth.

    I will finish with a request. If anyone is sitting waiting for a vaccine thinking that is going to sort out the problem. Please, please, please, investigate Bill Gates and Vaccines and think very carefully before running to join the queue.

    Lots love!


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