• Christopher Robin

    I recently saw the film Christopher Robin. I dont tend to look at reviews as often in the past I have enjoyed films with bad reviews and not enjoyed films with rave reviews. I gather from a friend after seeing the film, that this one did not receive very good reviews.

    It is certainly not one that I would encourage people to go and see at the cinema. In the early stages I did find it very slow and wondered why on earth I was sitting through it and whether I should in fact leave and make better use of my time. However, I felt in the end that it did have a very good message, although I also wondered how many people who did sit through it would recognise the message that it was imparting and take notice of it.

    For me, the very important message of this film, was that people have lost balance in their lives. Long work days have taken over from what really matters which is connection and relationships with family and that everyone needs to take time out/holidays away from work for their health and well being.

    We have become a society that lives to work, rather than one, that works to live. We are expected to be available 24/7 to read and answer emails or texts. People are working long hours, with little or no socialor family time because they are frightened of losing their jobs to someone else who is prepared to do the hours.

    Children are struggling in school. There are children starting school in nappies because they are not toilet trained. Huge numbers of our adolescents are suffering depression. The number of suicides has increased. People are finding it hard to start or keep a relationship. All health issues have increased. Many people are living on convenience food or takeaways because they dont believe they have time to cook.

    Is it time to rethink our values?

    I had a conversation with someone recently where I said that I can just imagine what an alien who landed here, in the UK anyway, would think. They would look at the people squashed on commuter trains in rush hour, or sitting in queues of traffic, going to buildings where they sit in offices, often staring at computers all day, and they would laugh at us. Is this what life is about?

    How would you like your life to be?

    What are your values?

    Does your life reflect those values?


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