• Coronavirus - the bigger picture

    I had been told in my meditations to expect something big in March. I have now obviously realised what that 'event' is.

    Many people are in fear due to the media coverage, but I have no doubts that this is all part of our ascension process, but we need to look at it as an opportunity to reset, to change the paradigm and not go back to our old ways.

    Mother Earth is obviously healing. It can be clearly seen that the pollution has cleared above China. The waters of Venice have cleared and fish can now be seen swimming and swans are on the canals. Dolphins have also been seen again around the coasts of Italy. I also think that all the rain and winds we have experienced over recent months are part of the earths healing. I am told that we will experience some more evidence of the earth healing and adjusting over the coming weeks. I believe that there was an earthquake yesterday in Utah. There may be more things that i am not aware of as I dont follow all of the news.

    I have been taking the opprotunity, as I am currently on enforced rest, to watch a series of documentaries on the natural healing of cancer. This morning a young man started the video by saying that 'We are not here to cure disease, our diseases are here to cure us.' I think that is very apt for what we are currenlty experience around the world.

    It is a time to stop, to take the opportunity for deep reflection, observation and to heal all the unresolved trauma. To heal all our shadow 'stuff'.

    As I tell all of my clients, the sexual aspect of Tantra is very small. It is a journey or self discovery and is about releasing stuck emotions and healing all old wounds.

    If anyone is in need for help or support at this time. Please do email at [email protected]


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