• Coronavirus

    I thought that I would write and give my thoughts on the coronavirus as it seems to be the main topic of conversation. I was supposed to be going on holiday with my son next week, but we received a message yesterday to say that the holiday company were having to cancel due to the virus. So at this moment, my time is still blocked on my calendar as I am waiting to hear whether I will be doing something else instead.

    If, I am not going away, I will be available to see clients and to reassure everyone that I am being extra cautious with regard hygiene. Due to my lifestyle and with working from home, I do not come into contact with very many people and my diet and practices help to protect my immune system.

    So. firstly what can you do to help protect yourself. Apart from the hygiene aspects that have been well and truly covered by the media.

    Viruses need food to survive while living inside our bodies; all microgoranisms need food to live. There are certain foods whill viruses love and which will allow them to proliferate and strengthen and as a consequence weaken the health of the host. So, the first step to protect yourself againts viruses is to stop eating the foods that they love to eat. Plus, by removing these foods from your diet will allow your immune system to strengthen so that if you are exposed to a new virus, you will be in a better position to fight it off.

    The number one food viruses lide to feed on is eggs. Other foods include dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, kefir and other forms of dairy, along with gluten and corn. If these foods are in your diet it becomes difficut to combat viruses.

    Oxygen is needed in the blood to help reduce viral proliferation, so do the deep belly breathing, which brings more oxygen into the body.

    Supplements of zinc, B12 and vitamin C will all help to boost and suport your immune system. Onion, garlic, ginger and tumeric are all good for the immune system, as well as elderberry juice.

    But I began writing this in order to consider the 'bigger' picture. The spiritual reason behind our current experience.

    I am not sure if I have written earlier about the fact that from the end of last year, I had the sense that something big was going to happen in March. I wasnt sure whether this was just for me personally or on a more global scale. I wasnt getting more information, althoug I know that I did write about the possibility of a solar flare from the sun, which has been predicted by all spiritual texts. When I heard about the coronavirus, I did wonder whether there was a connection as 'corona' is linked to the sun, maybe it is being experienced in a more subtle way.

    But, it seems that we are certainly being given an opportunity to consider the way we have been living our lives and a chance to reset. I know that I have spoken in the past about how I thought if an alien landed here in the UK, they would look around and find it highy amusing the way people were living their lives. I think that could be said for most countries in the world. People being constantly connected to mobile phones, sitting at desks in front of computers for hours and hours each day, barely seeing the light of day, and with little time to spend with their loved ones, through real connection. All whilst we are destroying the world that we live upon.

    There are already pictures available to show how the pollution has decreased in the skies above China and I would imagine similar images will be seen across other parts of the world shortly.

    So, I do not understand why this has all become such a huge issue in the press, far beyond anything that we have experienced previously with other viruses that we have had, such as swine flu and bird flu. I receive a lot of information from health professionals and certainly as of yesterday, more people have died from ordinary seasonal flu than from the coronavirus, but we havent been hearing about their deaths.

    The constant reporting is certainly causing fear in many people, with people suffering panic attacks out of fear of catching it. With most doctors surgeries refusing to see people in case they are contagious, it could also be that many people will die from unrelated heatlh issues because they cannot get to be seen by a medical professional. It could certainly be a way of reducing the population.

    But could all this fear also be a way of keeping peoples focus away from other things. I am not sure what the other things might be, but I feel this could be a possibility.

    As contradictory as it might sound, from the spiritual perspective, I certainly feel that this is part of our healing and growth as human beings. I also feel that all of the strong winds and all of the rain that we have had over the last few months are part of the cleansing process.

    So, as microcosms of the macrocosm, maybe we should all take some time to heal our personal shadows and clear our energy, to assist our Mother Earth in doing the same.


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