• Donald Trump

    As anyone who knows me will know I do not follow politics. I follow my intuition and continue to hope and pray that there is a higher purpose behind whoever is elected.

    I am aware that many people dislike President Trump and whereas I may well not enjoy spending time with him, if i were given that opportunity, I do believe that he has been put into power for our highest good.

    I have long believed that the governments, news etc are controlled by a higher unseen power that does not have the best interests of the populaton at heart. President Obama even let slip in an interview that he was being controlled. My personal belief is that President Trump with his character will not allow himself to be controlled in the same way.

    But, my point of writing today, is that on Friday morning, I happened to turn on the tv to watch a programme that i had recorded about Ancient Aliens and saw a little of a discussion between Piers Morgan and the female presenter, with regard the huge balloon of Donald Trump as a baby., which was to be flown over the Houses of Parliament. I do not know the details of this, but my life and my work are about love and respect and it is beyond me how anyone could think that that was OK. We worry about children being bullied and as adults we allow that? In my mind, whatever your own personal opinion of the man, it was a hugely disrespectful act and one that I believe was supported and allowed by people that we are putting our trust in to work for our best interests and on this occasion I am certainly in agreement with Piers Morgan.

    We may be living an illusion that we are all seperate but we are the microcosm of the macrocosm. Each of us an individual cell of a bigger body, so to speak. The world we live in would be a different place, if love and respect was shown to the earth that we live on and the people we share it with.


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