• Duality

    I have spoken previously about us living in duality. Everything having an opposite, black/white, good/bad, fear/love etc. We have been living in a third dimension reality where there has been this duality. However, we are currently going through a transition, an ascension to the fifth dimension, with fourth being a bridge between the two. In third dimension we came into being, believing that we were separate from everything. Duality was supposed to help us to indentify our emotions, the idea that you wouldnt know what happiness was, if you never experienced sadness.

    If you can imagine that the third dimension exists at the bottom of a pyramid and in the centre of the pyramid is a ladder reaching up to the central point. Third dimension is ruled by the ego. Someone once told me, that ego could be thought of as Ease God Out, which has always felt right to me. You could even consider it the Devil, within the terms of duality. It is the part of us that thinks it know better than the Universal Intelligent Life Force Energy, which is easier to term God. It wants to hold usback in the third dimension. It doesnt want us to grow.

    But life is about growing, so if you imagine that God is at the top of that ladder at the apex of the pyramid. God, unconditional love, the highest vibration. As we climb the ladder, we begin to remember that we are not separate, that we are all connected. As we raise our vibration towards unconditional love and climb that ladder, as the pyramid narrows, we have no further need for duality.

    With this whole coronavirus situation, many of the population have awoken from their sleep and are climbing that ladder to consciusness. But as they climb the ladder, that to the light, to God, they are more able to see all the things that have existed in the darkness of the third dimension. To be able to climb higher, we have to acknowledge what we see below.

    There will be lots coming up shortly with regard people trafficking, sexual abuse of children, torture, devil worshipping and human sacrfices. This will bring up all sorts of emotions for many people, following the initial shock. It is important at this stage and to be able to proceed up the ladder, that we understand, that everyone at the base of the pyramid, started within the God consciousness. Every human being during the third dimension has led lives where they have been the baddies as well as lives when they have been the hero. The idea was for each individual to experience all of the different emotions available. So, like actors in a play, everyone is carrying out a role that has been chosen in this game of life. It is hard for many to understand, but it is often, within our immediate circle, those who hurt us the most within our game experience that actually love us the most. They love us so much, that they agreed to come here and do whatever they did, to help us to grow. So, when these awful things come to your awareness, it is important to remember that we are all ONE, they have just been acting out the role given, in order for us to come to the understanding that we do not need to live in duality, that we have grown enough that we can live from ONENESS and LOVE. So, do not get caught up in the lower emotions, thank them for opening your eyes and send them love and appreciation, so that we can continue our climb up that ladder, towards all of the good things that await us.


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