• Energy 11.11

    My last blog was about the influx of energy that we have been receiving this year and the boost that was to be expected in November.

    When I wrote the blog, I was giving warning that it could be an uncomfortable month. I wasnt expecting to feel the discomfort myself, however at the beginning of the month, I found myself in a situation where I was sent straight back to the fear of my childhood. However, I do practice what I preach with regard releasing emotions from the energy. I have felt like one of those toys that you knock over and they come back to upright again. When I first started on my spiritual and healing pathway, it used to take me a while to come back to standing, but now it happens pretty quickly.

    I am however, aware that we are in the middle of an influx of clearing energy from the Universe. This is not only affecting us on a personal level, where we are being pushed to let go of the things in our lives that are not aligning with our core being, but it is happening on a bigger scale, with governments etc. We are shifting as part of the evolutionary process and there will be lots of things that have been hidden coming to the surface. For many the things being disclosed may be shocking and fear provoking, but I believe it all to be for the good, for our highest good.

    I cannot remember exactly when, but as a child or teenager, I was given information about technolgies that the world governments were aware of and were being kept secret. I believe these will come out into the open soon. Ways of supplying free energy to our homes and a way of running our cars, that does not cost us money or harm the environment. I have no idea at the moment how it might work in practice, but I believe there will come a time, maybe not in my own lifetime, where there will be no need for money.

    I also believe that there is a lot of knowledge that has been kept hidden with regard health. My close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer a short time ago and has had a double mastectomy and my cousin just two weeks ago was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is this week starting a course of chemotherapy. Everyone has the right to make their own choices with regard the treatments that they undertake, but my personal sense is that hitting the body with toxins, is not the answer, but I am aware that I have a very different attitude towards health, (perhaps most things), than the majority of people, including my family.

    Anyway, my reason for writing now, is that I believe that we, the earth, may be hit by a solar flare at some point in the near future. This could well knock out our computers and mobile phones temporarily, and many people may well find this a frightening experience, with thoughts of the world ending, armageddon. This is not the case. If it happens at all, it will just be a boost of energy to clear out the last of the low vibrational energy, so that we are able to complete our evolutionary process to the fifth dimension.


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