• Enforced Vaccine

    I mentioned in my last blog about my children being unwilling to listen or at least investigate for themselves, things that concern me.

    I dont think I said that one of the things last week was my concern over the vaccine that they are trying to bring in supposedly to protect us from the coronavirus.

    You do not have to take my word for it, there is lots of information out there. I believe, from the information that I receive from my guides, and I am certainly not the only person to believe it, that Bill Gates is one of the key players in the cabal/illuminati, trying to take control of the worlds population. There is information out there about the coronavirus being man made and it being funded by the Gates Foundation. There is also information about the vaccines which he is funding.

    Bill Gates has openly spoken about his desire to reduce the population. He has already funded and been involved with a vaccine, I think for tetanus, that has caused sterility in hundreds of women.

    Bill Gates is funding the production of the vaccine for coronavirus. There has been information for some time but there is a short recent report on You Tube by www,govote.org.uk is Covid19: GSK and Bill Gates Vaccine Scandal.

    It has also been kept very quiet, but the UK Control of Disease Act 1984 (coincidence) was updated on the 27th April. It doesnt use the word vaccine, but it does use the word medication, stating that if a person is deemed to be infectious they can be removed from their property, (preventing removal will result in a £5000 fine) and taken to hospital or a detention centre or other premsises and given 'medication' against their will. It will be up to the individual doing the detaining as to whether medication equates to vaccination.

    It also gives the government the right to remove your property and destroy it.

    It is not my intention to create fear. As I have said before fear feeds the cabal. We have to stay in positive energy, but living in duality, we also have to be aware of the negative factor and stand up for our rights.

    I do not know about others, but I believe I have the right to stand in my own sovereignty and the right to choose what I put into my body. I do not trust anything that Bill Gates has been involved with. I do everything I can to avoid toxins in my body, from the food that I eat to the products that I use.


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