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    Further to my last post about cholesterol and statins.

    I have always had an interest in health and food and last year completed a functional medicine course with regard the root causes of ill health and disease.

    I was a vegetarian for many years as a young adult and returned to it when my two younger children chose of their own accord to become vegetarians. My son returned to eating meat at about the age of 18, when he began bodybuilding, believing that he needed animal protein to build muscle. I have spoken to him numerous times over the years with regard the impact on his health. Like many young men, he has also used protein shakes.

    Many young men are suffering kidney issues due to the unnecessary amounts of animal protein they are consuming.

    I have even passed on information about the number of body builders and atheletes who are eating a vegan diet.

    I spent last weekend with my son. He often suggests programmes to me that I might find interesting on the television and he recommended that I watched a documentary on Netflix, called The Game Changers. I think that it might be also be available through the internet. He was right, I did find it interesting It featured some of the doctors that I have read for the functional medicine course. It showed that science is now catching up and showing that our bodies do not need animal products and that the worlds strongest people and top atheletes follow a vegan diet.

    I am not suggesting that everyone in the world would become vegan, but I think for the sake of the preservation of our planet, we need to return to old farming methods, with fewer animals that are properly cared for, rather than the unnatural industrial type farming, that is destroying the planet. Not only that but I believe the hormones that have been introduced in order to speed growth etc, have interfered with the natural balance in humans. When we interfere with nature, we cause ourselves harm. So if you choose to eat meat, then good quality naturaly grown grass fed meat is better for health and as it is more epensive, eating that a few times of week rather than daily would be beneficial.

    I certainly recommend the documentary, as it will give more information than i have done.

    For those choosing to eat meat. I would also recommend Pipers Farm, who offer a delivery service for good quality grass fed meats.


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