• Homeless

    My mother is currently in the process of moving home and I have been using my interior design and DIY abilities to make it lovely for her.

    Last week I was sewing three large pairs of curtains and was looking on the tv for something to have on whilst doing so. It is amazing with so many options available these days that I struggle to find anything of interest.

    I came across a series, I think that it was called 'Rich Kids Go Homeless'. Five young people born into very wealthy families, had their belongings taken away from them and went to live on the streets of London for three nights. They all began with the attitude that the homeless were lazy and didnt want to work and that with their own work ethics they could easily get themselves off the streets. However, they all ended their experience with a very different attitude. Many of the homeless do not have any form of identity and as a result, even if they have money they cannot book themselves into a hostel for the night and without an address cannot get a job.

    There may well be some people who would choose to be a victim and stay in the situation, but many just feel helpless to get out of it. One man featured, around the age of 50, did actually have a job and had not informed his employers he was now homeless. He had had a flat, but due to a payrise because his work had been appreciated, he lost his housing benefit and was then unable to afford to continue paying his rent. How can that be right?

    It seems to me that we are currently in a state where our society is worse than it was in the Victorian era when the poorhouses were available to people who fell on hard times.

    In this day and age, how can we think it is OK that anyone is hungry or living and dying on the streets.

    Surely we should be providing, even if in a dormitory setting, a bed and food for anyone who needs it and providing care and support in helping them to improve their situation. An ID of some sort, a postal address maybe.

    I wish that I knew of a way of helping to change the situation.


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