• Human Guinea Pigs for Covid vaccine

    'A Gates Foundation spokesperson said they were "working closely with CEPI to determine how best to support as the vaccine development programs move forward."'

    'In its efforts to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, CEPI is backing eight different non-profit and profit groups, including the Jenner Institute at Oxford University and CureVac, the German pharmaceutical company that the U.S. government reportedly attempted to buy.'

    The two quotes above are taken from an article in Forbes Magazine, connecting Bill Gates to the Jenner Institute in Oxford who are starting a human trial of the Covid vaccine tomorrow - Thursday..

    My advice - stay as far away from any vaccine as you possibly can, most especially one that Bill Gates has had involvement with. Bill Gates has openly said that he wants to reduce the population. He has been part of a vaccination progrmme in Africa that has caused the sterilisation of women.

    Bill Gates is one of the main figures in the Cabal, who seek world domination.

    The earth is on the path to ascension, and nothing can now stop it completing the cycle, however, the cabal know that they have been defeated but are throwing out everything they possibly can on the way.

    Do your own research, there is evidence that Bill Gates is reponsible for funing the production of the virus in the first place.

    What feels right to you?


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