• Mary Magdalene

    I have always had an affinity with Mary Magdalene and have felt her presence at various times throughout my life. I was not brought up in a Church going family but had an awareness of the Church's view of Mary through my school RE lessons and always had a strong feeling that they were wrong.

    My feelings with regard her life aligned very much with the gospel that was found in Egypt in 1986, but not made public untl 1955. On Sunday, I went to see the film Mary Magdalene, which I very much enjoyed and which I believe was closer to the truth of her story. It depicted her as a disciple and a close confidante of Jesus, however, I believe, through what I have received in my meditations that the couple were married and were most definitely lovers. I also believe that they had a daughter Sarah and that Mary and Sarah went to France to live after Jesus's crucifixtion

    It is my belief that there was a much greater understanding of the bodies energy systemsby some at that time and that through a tantric type sexual relationship, Mary's energy supported Jesus in the healing work that he did.

    I am glad that the Church have finally denounced the label of 'whore'.

    It was, I believe, the deliberate intent of the men of the time, who had become fearful of the energetic power of women, to shame them into being either Virgin or Whore, which is something that is still causing problems with womens sexuality, even two thousand years later.

    The message that the film ended with was that to change the world, we need to change ourselves - to release the negative emotions and focus on the positive. This is very apt at this particular time. As I have said before we are all microcosms of the macrocosm. We need to raise our personal vibrations by processing the negative emotions in order to evolve.

    We are being sent powerful bursts of energy from the Universe to help this process. The things that do not serve us are being brought to our awareness.

    Be conscious of your thoughts, words and actions. Act, speak and think with love and kindness.


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