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    The following is a message that I received yesterday. It is actually advertising a group called Mindvalley that put out various programmes/courses that can be studied through the internet. I like the concept and it reminded me of a vision that I had many, many years ago, that I was talking to someone about recently.

    I had a vision that we would become a global community, that the seperation that we currently experience, with each country having their own governments and the feeling that everyone is against us, would come to an end. The wars that exist and the seeming belief by the people of some countries that they are more entitled. We are all part of the same thing. We all have the same root desires. If we could only let go of the idea that we are seperate, the perhaps the desire would arise and it would become possible for those in positions to do so, to make sure that everyone in the world had their needs provided for, whatever country they were born in, whatever the colour of their skin, or the language they speak.

    The word government suggestsa power over others, which I do not like, but some sort of organised body would be required at local community levels going through to a world level, working with love, respect and compassion for all, humans, animals and the earth itself.

    I doubt now that i will see this within my lifetime, but it would be good to see that we are moving in that direction.

    I know that there are many groups working towards it.

    What if school never ended? What if Planet Earth was one global campus? What if education was about unifying the human race and upgrading human consciousness? So we can tackle global issues - as one unified people. This is our vision!

    A school for all humanity. A school with no borders, physical or imagined. A school that turns planet Earth into one global campus, where learning never stops. A school that - unites all genders, ages, countries and cultures into one collective consciousness made up of 7.5 billion of use. Imagine a school that bends reality. A school that questions the beliefs, ideas and systems that seperate us and endorses the ideas that unite us. A school that reinvents the nature of work from being something we have to do insto something we love to do and the nature of educatios to keep up with exponential change. Where graduation never happens becasue learning should be lifelong and so much fun, you'd never want to stop. Imagine a school obsessed with innovation. A school that experiments with groundbreaking new tools for learning, connection and personal growth. A school that rallies mankinds greatest teachers and spreads their wisdom to very corner of the Earth. A school that isnt afraid to ask. 'How can we make a world extraordinary? Imagine a school that celebrates the human experience. A school that creates connections, joy and friendship amongst its students. A school that focuses not on the iindividual but teaches the indicudal that the point of life is to give back to the collective human race. A school taht rejects our limitations and embraces our limitless possibilites and is desgined to create a new type of highly evolved human being and a planet our future generations deserve.


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