• Monogamy

    I realised after making the last post that I had not written what I originally set out to write with regard to monogamy., which were thoughts that had arisen following hearing a speech given by married gay man, who was trying to justify his personal actions.

    To live a life here, we have been given free will. In our adult lives, we have choice. When we have committed within a relationship, for whatever reason, it is our choice from that moment on whether we continue to move towards that person, to strengthen our energetic connection and our relationship, in a monogamous relationship, or whether we move away from it, by giving our energy to another person.

    To be in relationship, does not mean that we cannot admire beauty in another, but to have sex with another, requires a series of thoughts and actions and in every one of those a person has a choice.

    Making comparisons with the animal world, is just an excuse. There is not an animal who has the same conscious development as humans. Thouands of years ago, the male may have been programmed to sow his seeds for the survival of the human race, but we now have problems caused by over population and we have evolved far beyond that.

    It is time we took responsibility for thoughts and our actions, in all areas of life and not just sex.

    We can all be responsible for our own sexual energy, if we are taught, how to use it for our own health and vitality. An experience with a partner can enhance our own energy and expand both of our energy fields, but when the right intention and attitude.

    I may be a little contraversial here, but I have come across men who have told me, in referring to their extra marital affairs, that they wouldnt want to eat the same dinner every night.

    This attitude tends to come from men still living with a patriarchal attitude that women exist for their use and pleasure. Their experience is based on 'getting off' and achieving what they see as pleasure in the short sharp shock of conventional orgasm, This is sex as a tension release and closes a mans energy down. I would suggest that they have never experienced a sexual relationship within a fully connected energetic relationship.

    So, I repeat, as adults we have choice in every moment, do we choose to move towards love and commitment and personal growth, or away from it.


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