• More on the coronavirus - Merkaba meditation

    I have been intending to do a further post, but I have had issues with my computer. In fact, today, I am still having issues, so I am not sure whether this will actually go out.

    I am following the government guidelines with regard staying indoors, partly due to the fracture of my foot and being unable to drive, or indeed walk very far. I do feel that it isimportant to follow these guidelines at the moment, but not for the reasons that are being given to us.

    There is a lot going on at a spiritual level, behind, so to speak, what is being represented to us, as the coronavirus. at the moment, I am feeling that to follow the guidelines, is the best thing, so that we do not interfere with the process.

    Saying that, I think that it is important to understand that the coronavirus is nothing to fear. We are being misled by the media, building it into a pandemic, that actually does not exist. This is a war between the alliance (the light) and the illuminati (the dark). The illuminati feed on the energy of fear. It is exptremely important that we stay centred in peace and love, so that we do not feed the dark force, that has been controlling the earth, keeping us imprisoned in servitude.

    This time has been expected, although I do not think anyone predicted it in this form, but I can assure you that the time line that we are now experiencing is a lighter and brighter one than what might have been.

    I am not saying that there are not people dying right now, but there are always people dying. It is part of the cycle of life. We are just not usually made aware of every death. At the moment, every death is being put down to the covid-19. I will not go into it, because the information is out there, if you look for it. If any part of you is saying or feeling that there is something not right about this situation, then look for the information.

    We are being misled by the media. There is no pandemic. Not only does fear feed the dark energy, but it also lowers our immune system and makes us more susceptible to any dis-ease.

    Take the opportunity of isolation to bring light to your shadow (your emotional baggage). Many people will be finding this to be a very difficult time, as many people do not like to be in their own company. They use many things to distract them from their healing work. Cigarettes, food, shopping etc etc Use this time to breathe, to meditate, to journal. Find the love and peace at your centre and every time you feel yourself going off balance, go back to that.

    Another important thing to remember is. and many people may be struggling being confined with their partner/children, veryone that we meet, and most especially those we are in relationship too, are mirrors for us, to show us what within us, we need to work on and heal. Remember that when you point a finger at someone else with blame or accusation there are three fingers pointing back at yourself. So, when you start feeling irritated or angry at another, take time out and consider why you are feeling that way.

    It is also important to find forgiveness for anyone that you might feel has caused you harm or anyone that does not behave in the way that you would like them too. We are all following our own pathways. Everything is for a reason. By offering someone forgiveness you are not condoning their behaviour, but letting go of the energetic attachment to it, for your own good.

    Gratitude is also an extremely important spiritual practice. At the moment, I think we are all more aware of the things and people that we have in our lives that we have reason to be grateful for. Every day before going to sleep consider five things, or more, that you are grateful for.

    I was given a message from my guides at the weekend that part of this experience is about levelling. About moving towards a more egalitarian society. I dont think that there is anyone right now, who would fail to recognise that it is people on the lower end of the pay scale that we are all relying on right now. The postal workers, the dustmen, the delivery drivers, the food shop assistants, the carers. Everyone has a part to play in society and no one is more important than another.

    I was given a meditation a short time ago that I put into a blog post, but I couldnt find it, when I started this, so i will repeat it here

    We all have a vehicle, for our light body which is caller a merkaba. A merkaba is made of two pyramid shapes, one the right way up and the other upside down, and overlapping in the middle. You can find pictures on google, if you cant imagine it. Imagine the merkaba spinning at your centre with an emerald green crystal, at its centre, your heart centre. This is your vehicle for ascension, but for the moment, imagine a column of light coming down through your crown chakra from the Universe and up through your base chakra from Mother Earth. This light meets at your heart centre, where the merkaba is slowly spinning. The emerald green light of unconditional love is then sent out from your heart centre around the world. Set the intention to send love and healing energy out to all.

    I think that the coming Easter Weekend will bring something big, although I am not currently being told what. Stay in the light.

    Lots of love


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