• Reiki Drum Therapy

    I have been using Reiki healing energy since about 1996.

    In the early 1990'2 my closest friend, who is also Godmother daughter had another friend who had a horse riding accident. She suffered severe injuries and her parents were told by the hospital doctors that she would not recover. The parents refused to accept this and started researching altenrative therapies. They chose reiki and a group of her freinds were attuned to the reiki energy and gave her 24 hour healing on a rota basis. From being in a coma and paralysed the young lady made a full recovery and has lived a life and yet the hopsital doctors ahd given up on her.

    Through a series of events, having known that my freind was involved in this remarkable healing I was given the opportunity to be attuned to the reiki energy myself and hvae used it on a daily basis ver since.

    Back in the 1990's it was not commonplace, but now most people have heard of it. In recent years, many different forms have come into practice. My lineage is directly from Dr Mikau Usui. Last year I attended some sessions of reiki gong therapy that is being given locally. I loved the sound of the gong and started to consider working with the gong myself, even if just for my own personal use. However, I discovered the gongs are very expensive, as is any training being offered. However, in my research i came across reiki drum therapy. With drums being very much more affordable and taking up less space, I decided this might be a better option for me. So, I have spent a very enjoyable time with a small group and our drums.

    Sound is very healing and is also an important part of tantra, so I might be incoporating it into my sessions in the future. I have started using it to charge the energy of my healing room, but I am very conscious of hearing my neighbour, so have kept the drumming as quiet and gentle as possible, so as not to disturb anyone else.

    The drum training was in a beautiful wooden lodge type building within the ladies garden. It would be wonderful to be in the position to have a seperate therapy room in a more private situation.


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