• The Lions Gate 8th August

    This week is a powerful time energetically, leading up to the Lions Gate 8:8 Portal. It is about recognition of your self worth, self agency and sovereignty. Opeing yourself to higher wisdom and opening your Heart to your Divinity. Your True Self. Your Soulful Purpose.

    The annual Lions Gateway alignment also plays an important role in the evolutionary awakening of humanity. Something we really need right now!

    So, breathe, let go of any fears and the nonsense being pushed by the government and media and focus, on LOVE and TRUTH, and the positive emotions that you would like to experience in the New Earth.

    Also, be prepared for things to appear worse over the net few months. I have been saying for several years that our financial, education and health system will collapse. I sense that we are getting close to that, but out of the ashes the phoenix rises.

    Today I am adding some energy sessions to the website. One of them being much more than an energetic healing and clearing. It will include information based on your time and date of birth, your uniqe life blueprint, in order to assist you on your life journey.

    I do not know if anyone else has noticed, or whether it can be felt beyond Bury St Edmunds, but the energy here this morning is very weird. It is as though everything has come to a standstill and contrary to preious days and months, which hae flown by, it feels as though time has almost stopped. It feels as though I have been up for many, many hours, but it has only been a few.

    Maybe I will get more of my 'to do' list done!


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