• The Me Too Movement

    I think that we have reached a critical time in our evolution and the way men and women relate to each other. I could add several of my own personal stories to the MeToo campaign and with the messages that I receive and the behaviours of a minority of clients, I am very aware that there is still some way to go with regard the attitude that many have towards women.

    We have not yet totally left behind the patriarchal society, where men thought that they owned women and could use them, when they chose, without the need for 'connection, but merely as a tool for their release.

    The male species were brought up with bravado and boastful of their conquests. Even in my childhood, where sex was not a usual topic of conversation, and not that long ago, the attitude was very much that men should go and spread their seed and that the women should comply, whether they liked it or not. 'Lay back and think of England'.

    There is a total lack of education and understanding with regard us as energetic beings. Sex education in schools, if there is any at all, is very poor, and purely about the mechanics and most parents lack understanding and combined with embarrassment, possibly create more issues and taboos.

    As I say to my clients, we as human beings are all energy. The energy that arises from our sexual organs IS our life force energy, our creative energy. We all need to take responsibility for ourselves and our energy systems. Most illness and dis-ease is caused by the energy becoming stuck and not flowing around the body as it should.

    The tantrics believe that when men ejaculate they are giving away their life force energy. Whether you believe that or not, it is important to understand that YOU are responsible for your OWN energy. You do not NEED another person in order to feel sexually fulfilled. Although a sexual experience with another in a committed loving relationship can help you to grow and clear your energy.

    So, the same applies to men or women. Another person should always be treated with respect and not used to fulfil your own purposes, whether sexual or otherwise.

    I am sure that I have mentioned this in a previous post, but I have had conversations with my children, who are now adults, about the risk that men are now taking when having sex because of the possible accusation of rape. There is not a reliable and set definition of rape and often it comes down to one persons word against another. Basically, it comes down to consent, but many men have this mistaken belief that No means Yes and Yes means something entirely different.

    This particular issue would be less of a problem, if my previous guidelines were followed. Namely, look after and respect your own sexual energy and do not use another person to give yourself relief. If you learn to circulate the energy within your own body using the breath, the need to send it outwards diminishes.

    Within a committed relationship, the questions that arise around consent also diminish to that of a casual pick up, although respect for the other person still arises.

    In my opinion any sex, that is forced and with agression, within or outside a relationship is rape.

    Most men have not experienced what they could potentially feel within their bodies if they let go of the 'need to get off' and learn to recosgnise and enjoy the energy moving around their bodies. Most women have not experienced enjoyable sex, because the men have been very efficient in their goal of 'getting off' and have used the women as a tool to accomplish it before their bodies have been ready to accept them.

    A multiple orgasmic experience can be enjoyed fully clothed, eye gazing and breathing together, or when you are full aware of the energy of your body by just taking a breath on your own.


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