• The healing power of the sun

    I was guided many weeks ago now to get out into the sun as often as I was able.

    I have not really made use of my garden since moving here up until this year, but earlier in the year having redecorated my house and having redone the garden, I bought a new garden chair. My old furniture had rusted beyond repair. It was a very good purchase and gives me a comfortable chair that is ready and available for me to sit on whenever an opportunity arises.

    The only downside to my attempts to enjoy the sun and the garden is a neighbour who uses her garden to smoke on an extremely regular basis. Burning citronella candles helps to take the cigarette fumes.

    Anyway, my point of writing is about the healing powers of the sun. Since my guidance in meditation to take advantage of the suns rays, I have also been guided to read several books on the healing power of the sun. These have come to me from different directions as one of my close friends was diagnosed with breast cancer and I have been doing more research into cancer as well.

    Many of us have become fearful of the sun and the risk of skin cancer. However, as with most things, I think that human beings can use the things we have been given to help us in the wrong way, thus making them harmful.

    If we spend 50 weeks a year inside a building and then go on holiday for 2 weeks sitting from breakfast to dinner in the sun our skin is very likely to object and burn and make ourselves susceptible to skin cancer.

    However, before the discovery of antibiotics, the sun was used in a measured way to heal many illnesses including tubercolosis. There is now good reason to believe that it can heal many issues including breast and other cancers.

    Our bodies need Vit D to be fully healthy. Our bodies are unable to absorb the vitamin D which we obtain from sunlight if we are either not outside in it or if we are covered in sun tan lotion. A low level of vitamin D has shown to be responsible for many health issues. The further we are from the equator the more likely we are to be deficient in this important vitamin and there is some suggestion that most people in the UK if tested would show low levels. Many people are now taking a supplement but the body is not able to assimilate a supplement in the same way as it is does directly from the sun.

    So, if you are able to be in the sun for short periods of time so as not to burn throughout the year it will help you to remain fit and healthy.

    There have been doctor led programmes on the television recently suggesting that people should get outside and walk for half an hour every day to help with the ageing process, maybe this is not so much about the walking itself, but being outside in the sunlight and breathing fresh air.

    Being out in nature as much as possible is one of the tantric practices.


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