• Time to re-evaluate

    Christmas now seems long gone and for most people any New Year resolutions forgotten. However, the energy is changing rapidly and I believe it is important, right now, for people to take some time out and re-evaluate their lives.

    What are your values?

    Are you living aligned with your values?

    What do you want from your life?

    What would you like to achieve, to experience in both the short and long term?

    We are moving through a process of change, from life led by the sacral chakra, the power centre, to life led from the heart centre. Everything that we do needs to come from love and respect of the earth that we live upon and for our fellow beings that share it with us. It is not about competition. There is enough for everyone. Everyone of us is born with our own unique purpose. We may not be able to see or know somebody elses, but we all have a valuable part to play. Live with kindness!

    A very close friend of mine has had an upsetting experience this week. Without going into all the details, she was put into a position where she had to make a choice between two couples to move forward in her own life. Like me, she hates the thought of upsetting anyone and new that her decision would cause upset to one of these couples, so she considered every aspect very carefully and in the end had to make the choice, that she felt was right for herself to move forwards. The disappointed party took this very badly and has made untrue accusations and threats against my friend. We have to remember that sometimes our actions can bring issues to the surface for others that they need to work on and clear, and we cannot allow fear to influence us.

    We would be very lucky to go through our lives without any disappointments or upsets. We learn the most from the challenges that we face. I cannot prove that it is true, but I have lived my life with the belief that if something does not work out as I had hoped, it is because the Universe has something better or more aligned with my purpose, round the corner, that I would have missed had I been able to take my original pathway. Whether this belief is true or not, it does make life easier, and in every experience that we have there is the opportunity to learn and grow.


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