• Truths are based on frequency

    I am not going to name any names, but there are a few people and communities that I have been involved with online, that I resonate with and share beliefs, as I am not able to have discussions with my famiy about many spiritual matters. A friend recommended a particular lady who does You Tube videos a while ago. I had watched some of her videosbefore the coronavirus event, just so that I could discuss with my friend. However, she began to put more out with the coronavirus in order to 'support' her followers, and with more time to spare I watched more, but the more I wtched the more uncomfortbale I felt with them.

    Last week I watched the second she had done on duality. I had been given some information from my guides on our current situation and dualiy which was very different from what she was saying, so I decided to make a comment. Not saying that she was wrong, but offering perhaps something additional to her followers/worshippers. For some reason it didnt seem to wan to post. I got that little whirly circle as though it was still trying and the screen froze. Whilst I was waiting a message flashed across the top of my screen, as though an answer had been made to my point. After closing down my computer and reopenig I found that my comment had been posted and this lady had responded immediately. Her response was putting me down and came from an attitude that she knows everything and that what i had said was not true and coming from fear.

    In my long winded way I am getting to my point. Her response unsettled me some time. I knew it wasnt coming from fear on my part. But I questioned myself and my truth. Anyway, after a few hours of contemplation I unsuscribed from ths particular person.

    The information that I had been given and was writing about was part of what I had been given with regard the the pyramid effect. I believe I blogged on it. I did do a you tube talk on it, which was my first and not very well presented, but the information is valid. So, our truths are based on our energetic frequency. When we are at the base of the pyramid, we only see what is in our close vicinity.. The knowledge that we have islimited to that immediate experience. However, as we do our own personal healing and raise our vibration and work ourseves up the vibrational ladder, we have a wider view. We see more, we have a bigger undersatnding of what is going on outside of our own immediate energy field. There is a lot of nast, nasty stuff out there within the experience of duality. and your vibrational frequency, will have an effect on on your beliefs and what you are prepared to look at and accept as truths.

    As I have said before, the important thing is to observe these things, without attaching to them. That doesnt mean that you dont care, that you dont have compassion for the people who have been involved and had the nasty experiences, but if we attach our own personal vibration is drawn downwards. so the higher your vibration, the more you will see and the more you have to practice staying in your own sovereignty. When you are able to do that, you wll encourage those around you to raise their vibration to meet with yours, but when you get caught up in arguing and trying to prove that you are right and they are wrong, we dropping our vibration.

    However, we are human, and the job of being human is to learn how to process emotions, so if you see or hear something that causes you disgust, or anger, or sadness, or fear. Take yourslef to a quiet place, allow yourself to feel the emotions and breathe them away. Dont beat yourself for having a negative emotion. Just acknowledge it and let it go. Keeping coming back to the heart centre, to love and compassion for all. If someone is still asleep and not willing to question the information that the government and media are putting out. Just accept that everyone is on their own pathway. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you cant make them drink. You cannot force someone to wake up and see things in the same way that you do. Dont make them wrong for not being able to see.


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