• Update 30th March

    'We are not here to cure our diseases - our diseases are here to cure us'

    The Universe is incredibly intelligent. When we experience dis - ease as individuals, it is a sign that we are out of alignment with our soul. As I have said to different clients over the years, the Universe will give you a little nudge, if you ignore it, the universe will give you a harder knock and if you continue to ignore it the Universe will give you an almighty shove, in the form of accident or illness. An opportunity for you to take time out and reconsider your life.

    The virus is doing that for us now on a global scale. It isgiving us the opportunity to take time out and rethink the way we are living.

    I recommend that everyone use the time to release their 'baggage' through journalling and the deep belly breathing. If you are with your partner, try the heart breath and yab yum, if you have not already done so. But as often as you can imagine drawing white light up from Mother Earth and down from the Universe into the 'pipe' that runs through your centre. Breathe it in, fill your body and then breathe it out, the Divine Love through your heart to the world.


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