• Weather control

    I do not think that it would have escaped anyones notice as to how our weather has changed, certainly in my lifetime and the weird things that we experience.

    I was shocked last week to come across a report about Bill Gates investing millionsin some sort of technology, supposedly to stop global warming, but in effect putting up some sort of barrier between us and our sun.

    So, not only is he investing in a vaccine which, if you investigate, is certainly for not the health and well being of the population, but he is involved with the big groups pushing the mandatory wearing of masks and now blocking us from the sun.

    As conscious human beings, to be able to feel our connection to source and for our health and well being we need to feel connected with other beings, which has been stopped due to the lockdown rules and social distancing. The wearing of masks is being made compulsory in some situations, which has been proven to affect out bodies oxygen uptake, thus lowering our immunity, but most of all, our breathe is our connection to source, our life force. We can manage without food for a period of time, we can manage without water for a few hours, but we cannot live without oxygen and our breathe. Neither can we live without our connection to the sun, which provides us with healing and life force energy.

    I dont know how long this documentary may be available, as information that does not fit the agenda is being taken down, but if you are able to, please watch. It is really quite distrubing.


    Another very good watch is



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