• Wedding versus Football

    I was driving during the week and had the radio on and heard about a young woman who felt she was facing a dilemma because her wedding is this Saturday, which they had found out last weekend coincided with some big match for her fiances favourite football team. She was 'asking the Nation' what she should do. I was amazed that seven people asked all said that she should show the football match as part of her wedding.

    I have just turned on the tv briefly, whilst having a coffee and found that the same girl is on a TV chat show and 54% of a poll, also stated that she should show the football match.

    Personally, I believe making a commitment to someone else, is far more than the legalities of a wedding ceremony. I have known people who have not been 'legally' married who have had far more commitment towards each other than those who have.

    Few people have understanding of a conscious relationship.

    I find it very sad that so many people seem so complacent about marriage and think that a football match is more important.

    I am aware that there are many people who would disagree with me, but really! If a football match is more important to you than a celebration of your commitment to your partner, then perhaps it is a commitment that you are not ready to take.


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