• Wheat Allergy

    If anyone has looked at my calendar to make a booking they will see that there is nothing available at the moment. I am laid up at the moment but hope to be back on my feet and able to open some appointments soon.

    I have a wheat allergy. Last Thursday was my mothers 80th birthday and she had wanted to go to an American style restaurant near to her, called Arbuckles, for lunch. Not a choice I personally would have made for a celebration. When given the menus, I asked if they had a wheat free menu. There were four of us for lunch and I dont like to make a big fuss about it. The waitress pointed out the little signs by the wheat free options, which were very limited. I decided to keep it simple and just have a fillet steak. I looked at the side orders, none of which had the wheat free symbol, although I am not sure why, mushrooms, salad, or coleslaw would have wheat in them. Anyway the rest of the table were upgrading to sweet potato fries and having had sweet potato fries in this restaurant before having been told they were wheat free, I didnt query as to why the sides did not have a wheat free symbol and asked the same waitress that i had asked about the wheat free menu, if i could upgrade too.

    I woke up on Friday, not feeling quite right, but I had two clients to see and a birthday cake and 36 cupcakes to make for my mothers birthday party on the Saturday. I struggled through the evening trying to finish the cakes ready for the next day, however by midnight, I did not know what to with myself, with the pain that i was suffering. I wasnt even able to have a sip of water without it setting things off. Even my teeth hurt. I went from sweating profusely to shivering and shaking.

    I was unable to get to my mothers birthday party. Relations and family friends that I hadnt seen for some time had travelled long distances for it, I was also unable to get the birthday cakes there.

    I spent the weekend racking my brain as to what could have caused my sudden illness. I often have intutive hits come to me during the night and I woke at midnight with the feeling that it was down to the sweet potato fries. This morning, I have checked the Arbuckles website and found there is a note on the back of their menu saying that their fries are no longer wheat free. I have written to them, explaining that the waitress was very aware of my wheat free requirement it was spoken about whilst she was taking the order.

    I have so far lost three days as a result of a small portion of fries. I missed my mothers party, I had a ticket for an event yesterday that I also had to miss and I have been unable to work today. It is now 5.30pm and I am still unable to eat or stand up straight due to pain.

    I have been giving myself healing, but my body needstime to eliminate what it sees as a poison.

    Restaurants have improved with regard food allergies and intolerances in the last few years and I know the best ones to go to here in Bury, however it would seem that some are still far to blase about it. If the manager had suffered as I have this weekend, he may make more of an effort to offer a seperate wheat free menu, so that no mistakes can be made.

    We didnt eat desserts but it was interesting to note that there were many ice cream sundaes containing chocolate brownie chunks, some of which had the symbol and some didnt, even though this was the only ingredient that was likely to contain wheat.

    So, I am feeling rather annoyed with myself at the moment. I hadnt wanted to eat at Arbuckles in the first place and it just shows how we can allow past experiences to influence our choices. As I said I had wheat free fries in this restaurant in the past and there is a restaurant in Bury where I often enjoy them. I definitely have to be very much more careful in future as I do not want a repeat experience of this weekend. Neither can i understand why people feel the need to adultarate food. Neither a potato or a sweet potato need coating in wheat to make fries.


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