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    I had been guided several weeks ago to put up something on You Tube, or out there into the public domain, in order to try and help people who are struggling with our current experience. To give them, perhaps a different view, from that which they are used to. One that they may not have come across before.

    I have tried several times, and every time I have come up against a problem that has stopped me. my computer knowledge, and certainly that of the social media sites, is very lmited. I have wondered at times, whether it is something that I should be trying, whether all the issues were perhaps a sign not to do so, but still my guides kept me pushing me.

    I had a difficult weekend with family. We had a zoom meeting to celebrate my sons birthday, but it ended abruptly as my daughter disagreed with something I had said. I had tried to have a discussion with her last week about my concern around the vaccine for the coronavirus and Bill Gates involvement, but in spite of sending her a report containing information about a vaccine that he had been involved with in Africa, which caused the sterilisation of hundreds of women, I was dismissed. It seems that anything I read, is not reliable information.

    I have brought my children up to be independent and to follow their heart, and as adults know that they will make their own decisions, whatever my opinion, but as a mother it is difficult when your instinct is to protect them, whatever their age, and they will not even consider your view or the facts that you bring forward.

    Anyway, that is only part of the story and I was feeling a little low on Monday. I do practice what I preach and knew that I had to do some work to release the sadness that I felt. Yesterday, I woke up inspired to have another go at my message to the You Tube world, only to come up against another wall, with a message that my video was too long to be uploaded. I needed to have my account verified in order to do so, but it wold not accept my phone number for me to receive the code to prove that I was not a robot.

    I woke this morning, with the thought that I needed to let go of the desire for approval from my family. I dont expect everyone to think in the same way that I do, but every action I take comes from love, compassion and respect for others, so it would be good to be given the opportunity to be heard, rather than dismissed.

    But maybe my family experience has been in preparation for the negative responses that are likely to occur taking my thoughts out into a wider arena. We live in a world of duality. There will be opposition. There will be people that I trigger.

    I am a little embarrassed by what I have put out, because I would have loved to be able to put my name to soemthing far more professional, but it is what it is. I will have to see if I can do better.

    If anyone is interested the link is https://youtu.be/OAX71bZWszo

    Perhaps you might feel that you can pass it on to anyone who might be open to considering a different view point.

    I hope that you are all keeping and staying well.

    With love xxx


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