• Two more recommendations



    Again these may be taken down as it seems anything that gives the truth or questions the agenda is removed pretty quickly. It is amazing how quick Facebook is to remove anything mentioning Covid.

    I do not have anyone in my immediate circle who is awake to what is actually going on right now. As i have said before, my three adult children, will not even look at anything I try to show them. If we have any chance of getting out of this war, we need people to wake up to it.



  • Deep Belly Breathing

    I have written about the deep belly breathing before and speak to every client about it, but I am writing again as a reminder.

    Deep belly breathing is a huge part of tantric practice, of health and well being. A baby breathes ino thei belly, you can see their stomach rise and fall with each breath, but as we grow and our mind becomes busier we get lazy and we begin to breathe just in the upper part of our chest.

    Breathing deeply into the belly, brings more oxygen to the organs (cancer cells are unable to survive in an oxygenated environment), it lowers blood pressure and helps to balance the hormones of the body. It changes the way we feel. When we are anxious and stressed our breathing speeds up. When we are frightened we can stop breathing altogether. Long, slow deep breaths help us to feel calm and relaxed and everything is more enjoable when apporached from a calm and relaxed state.

    But the deep belly breathing is even more important in that it brings us into the now moment. We cannot breathe in the past or the future, we have to breathe in the now moment. Far too many people spend their time worrying about the past or stressing over the future. The deep belly breathing brings us to the present moment and helps to connect us to our greater selves - our true selves.

    The most important thing about the deep belly breathing, is that when practised for a period of time it keeps the energy moving around your body, releases any blocks and brings to the surface any emotions that have not been properly dealt with. It is these stuck emotions that cause the blockages in our energy systems that lead to health issues.

    From the sexual point of view the deep belly breathing helps a man to control his ejaculation. In a sexual relationship, it brings you to your heart centre, to LOVE for your partner to your connection to source and away from the EGO, whose only desire is for physical satisfaction.

    So, breathe in and out through the nose. Take long, slow, deep breaths, seending the breath down to your belly. Imagine your belly blowing up like a balloon and then as it relaxes back against the spine it will naturally push the breathe out. Your upper chest area and shoulders should not move. The breaths should be long and slow, but not forced. The more you practice the longer and deeper you will be able to take it.

    The deep belly breathing is done in conjunction with an energy circuit called the Microcosmic Orbit. As you breathe in you imagine the breath travelling from your base up your spine and over the top of your head to the point between your upper lip and nose. As you breathe out the breathe travels back down your front to your base. To complete the energetic circuit you touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. To begin with you may have to just imagine this circuit but the more you practice, the more you feel the energy moving.

    The Tantric teachers say to practice for one day changes your day to practice for a week - changes your life.



  • Vaccine

    Please consider and research the vaccine before submitting to it. I am unable to open the eyes of my children, but I will continue to try and bring infromation to people about what is happening.

    Covid 19 is a hoax. It is a no more dangerous than normal seasonal flu. There are doctors now speaking up about it. I think over 360 have now got together to question the governments. Nurses are now speaking out about the empty hospitals and the threats of loss of jobs if they spoke. Question what you have seen. Would nurses really be making videos of them singing and performing choreographed dances if they were rushed off of their feet with people dying around them.

    I had thought that the lockdown was because they wanted people off the streets whilst they drained the swamp, so to speak, of the sexual traffickers and abusers, but it has gone far beyond that now. Look at what is happening in India, New Zealand and Melbourne.

    The intent is to make life as difficult as they can so that they can then say that to get back to 'normal' we have to have a vaccine. The vaccine is extremley dangerous. It is a way of controlling the human population.

    The masks are also shown to be extremely dangerous but anyone who speaks out about them has their posts quickly removed. Why? Because it doesnt fit with what they want people to believe. It is mind programming.

    Yesterday, I sent some information to one of my sons. He immediately responded with two links, saying just the opposite, surprise, surprise, Bill Gates was linked to both!

    Our world is made up of bacteria and viruses, they are around us and in us constantly. To be fit and healthy we need to have a good working immune system. We need sunlight, to be fully able to breathe oxygen into our bodies, good diet and to be full of good positive feelings through connection with others.

    The government have been enforcing a way of life that opposes all the things that would strengthen our immunity. Why?

    The following information was forwarded by Dr Sherri Tenpenny.

    “💠Moderna Covid vaccine 💉injected directly into trachea of monkeys, 🐒 not a proper trial. 💠- 😥

    “One of the prime candidate Corona vaccines in the US, called mRNA-1273, is now undergoing preliminary trials to monitor its efficacy and safety levels in a concentrated sample group. 'The vaccine was codeveloped by researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID, the trial sponsor) and at Moderna (Cambridge, MA).' Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., is the current NIAID Director. He has a strategic vested interest in seeing this vaccine prototype makes it to market. Preliminary report is in and it doesn't look good.

    Thus far, based on the initial hard data, we know that the vaccine has directly caused 2 severe Nervous System Disorders in vaccinated recipients, including to 2 respiratory and 1 vascular disorder specifically linked to the vaccine. There is a consistent rate of low "antibody response" after 1st round of the vaccine, and a dangerously high spiked fever reaching 39.6°C (103.3°F) in those receiving the maximum dose of 250-μgc (micrograms) or a second round of the lesser shot. Either which way, the vaccine is not effective, and, based on the trial evidence, will require a higher potency level or 2 rounds to illicit the desired response level - meaning a larger fallout of serious adverse events.

    Moderna's Corona vaccine (mRNA-1273) contains a live virus. No live virus vaccine in history has succeeded in achieving an "immunological response" whatsoever without incurring drastic neurological side-effects. Viral vaccines on the market are attenuated, the virus muted down through heat-treatment, and always contain an adjuvant such as aluminum or squalene. The fact that Moderna's product does not is worrisome. In fact, it should be considered a red flag hazard to be avoided at all costs by the community.

    In the 'Evaluation of the mRNA-1273 Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 in Nonhuman Primates' trials, 24 rhesus macaque monkeys were injected directly into the trachea with the serum. The injection ostensibly "induced robust SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing activity, rapid protection in the upper and lower airways, and no pathologic changes in the lung." However, this invasive method shot into the throat will not be used in human test subjects. This vaccine will be a live trial on human guinea pigs with no safety net.”

    - Joel Lord”



  • Abstinence

    I am sure that there would be many members of the population who would not like what I am about to write, but I do not have access to the majority of the population anyway.

    This morning I was told in my meditation that everyone on earth should abstain from sex for a period of time. I have realised in writing this now that I was not given an indication as to how long and I didnt think to ask, but i would imagine the answer would not be known anyway, because it would depend on the time it took to clear the energy.

    I do not know how many are aware of what is going on in the world behind the whole Covid scam, for those of you unaware, there are thousands of women and children being rescued from the enormous human trafficking and sexual abuse rings that have been going on under peoples noses. Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew are just the tip of the iceberg. I would imagine more of it is going to be brought to public attention over the coming months. Be prepared to hear about the most appalling of acts and many public figures in politics and the entertainment industry being involved.

    So what does this have to do with my suggestion regarding abstinence? We are currently going through a huge transition, the ascension of our earth. In order to 'reach' the fifth dimension the collective energetic vibration needs to be raised. Every emotion has a vibrational frequency and guilt, shame and fear are the lowest of the emotions. These three emotions are very much caught up with sex and abuse. Even without the obvious abuse, as we are generally not taught about sex as being something sacred, that should only be undertaken in a relationship, with love, respect, trust and honesty, it is so often experienced without full mental, emotional and physical consent, resulting in, maybe at a subconscious level in shame and guilt.

    There are a lot of lightworkers currently working with the universal energy to transmute all the lower energies and it would assist our current situation and the ascension process, if people took the time out and allowed the healing and release of their own and their ancestral shame and guilt.

    The tantric gurus were celibate, their focus was on balancing and uniting the masculne and feminine within themselves and the meditation and breathing practices to keep their energy clear and their vibration high.

    So maybe, now is a good time, to show support for all those who have been sexually abused, by taking a break and returning in the future, to a sacred practice led by love and the heart centre, of intimate energetic connection and not one led by the ego demanding physical satisfaction.



  • Dr Vernon Coleman - How Many Billion Could Covid-19 Vaccine Kill or Damage?

    Anyone who is considering getting or waiting for a vaccine to become available, please watch this video on you tube. If you tube takes it down it should be available through Dr Coleman's website.



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