• With many people going into isolation or at least social distancing, it is a time when all sorts of emotions will rise to the surface. So many of the things we do are an avoidance strategy to acutally facing ourselves and the shadows in our energy field. People smoke, eat, drink, shop, gossip, exercise all to avoid facing an emotion that they dont want to feel. Any addiction, is an avoidance strategy of the ego, so that we dont have to face ourselves.

    So, many people will find this to be a difficult time. But the quicker we all face our own inner demons, the quicker this will pass. So I encourage you to deep belly breathe. To journal. To share with a trusted person. Being heard by someone who will not judge is healing. Get outside in the sun, away from others, connect with nature and the earth energy. Breathe in the sun and as you breathe out, imagine all those demons, being sucked out of your body into the earth.

    I have been given a few quotes since yesterday, that are fitting.

    ''Until you make the unconscious consious it will direct your life and you will call it fate' Jung

    'The acceptance of our suffering is an aid to purification' - I think thats from the Upanishads

    'If suffering is coming towards you and you run it pursues you. If you step towards it, it will step back and retreat.'

    Our suffering is a tool for transformation.

    I am not being given detailed information in my meditations, but I am getting the strong sense that this will be over more quickly than some of the media are suggesting. As I have said the sooner that we love it for the transformational tool that it is, the sooner it will retreat. I am, not sure if I have said this before, but I am getting a strong sense that it is not as dangerous as the media are making out, and that all this is a cover up for other things that are going on. Other things that are for our benefit, I hasten to add. But perhaps more easily carried out with us being confined. I also sense that Italy has suffered more than others, because it is the centre of the Catholic Church. I have strong spiritual beliefs, but for many years, I have believed that religion has been used to keep the masses in a state of fear and not recognsising their own personal power. Religion has been at the root of all wars. I do believe in Jesus and I have had experiences with both Jesus and Mary Magdelene in my meditations over the years, but I believe the bible was mistranslated to support patriarchy and the cabal/illuminati. Anyway, not sure what is going on in Italy, but I feel that it will become clear soon.

    I am writing more blog posts, because I have fractured my foot and unable to work, regardless of the virus. Maybe I fractured my foot because I was unsure whether I should try and carry on. The fracture gave me the answer to my question. Movement is getting a little easier, but it will apparently take six to eight weeks to heal. If there was ever a good time to suffer a fracture, I guess now is it.

    Take care everyone! Breathe! Sending love and light to all!


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