Fall Foliage



Complementary therapies, healing, readings or energy work is not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological advice or treatment. If you or someone you know has a health issue you are advised to seek treatment from a registered medical practitioner.

In addition to the above statement, we would like to point out that when we discuss the aetheric properties of complementary practices, either in person or in our literature, we are communicating our own beliefs and the results of research that we have carried out. This does not mean that you will benefit from all or any of the alleged properties of complementary practices.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the information given in readings, or healing sessions, is for informational purposes only, the information given being part of a holistic approach to life, which also forms part of a scientific and holistic experiment. Neither the reader nor Freya's Secret can be held responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any information that may be given or intuited. The information given during a reading or healing session is not a substitute for any medical, professional, legal or financial advice and should not be treated as such. By agreeing to receive a reading or healing session, it is understood that the client takes full responsibility for any use of the information given and its interpretation.

It is understood that the client takes full responsibility for understanding and agreeing to the terms, as outlined above, before the commencement of, or participation in, any reading, healing session or other energetic, spiritual or complementary practice offered by any therapist working under the name of Freya's Secret.