Freya's Secret is a sacred and safe space, created with the aim to heal and promote bliss. In order to maintain that safety and succeed in that aim, I make certain commitments to my clients, and ask that they accord me the same respect:

Trust and Confidentiality:  I will act in accordance to the trust you place in me. I will treat all personal information about you as confidential, including the very fact that you attended a course, event or massage. If I meet you in "real life", I will not make any contact unless you take the first step. I only divulge private information to authorities when it is legally required.

Intention: My work is intended to be therapeutic and life-changing. While some of my work is with sacred sexuality, it should not be construed as a sexual service; I approach my work with reverence and sincerity, and ask that any clients who book with me bring the same to the space, along with an open mind, heart, and smile!

Boundaries: You are encouraged as a client to state where your own boundaries lie at any particular time, and they will be honoured accordingly. I also ask that you respect my boundaries in any session involving any sort of bodywork – my best work is done with clients whose focus is on learning to receive and explore their own experience.

Confidentiality: I am here to hold space for whatever you bring to my sessions that you wish to work on. I may challenge you to go quite deeply into your emotions, patterns, memories, and desires, and will welcome you exactly as you are and as you feel each time. I’m committed to meeting you not only with compassion, but also with complete respect for your privacy, and will maintain confidentiality about your sessions; I ask that you accord me the same respect.

Diversity: I seek to make my practice as all-inclusive as possible, and welcome clients of all orientations, both sexual and spiritual. You do not have to be of any particular sexual orientation in order to work with me, and you certainly do not have to share all or any of my multifarious spiritual beliefs – though I will be encouraging you to have some rather divine experiences! 

Responsibility: The aim of my work is to empower the individual to heal and change their lives by taking joyous responsibility for themselves and their actions. Any work you do with me is your choice and undertaken at your own risk, and I will not assume responsibility for any damage directly or indirectly incurred as the result of having a session with me, or of the misuse of anything I share with you during that time.

Ecology: I seek to maintain a high level of hygiene and safety within my work space, and ask that my clients do everything in their power to come to the space in a clean and healthy state. Anyone entering the space in a state clearly induced by alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave. I also aim to use only products and materials that come from ethical, environmentally friendly and organic sources in order to promote the vitality not only of my clients, but also this yummy planet we are so lucky to live on!

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