A post from Dr Mike Yeadon, a former CSO at Pfizer

In my family & friends circle, my wife & adult children are smart enough to know this was always a deception.

One sister, too, and her friend she’s known for 45y (I know her too).

I think that’s it.

People I’ve known for decades including those I was at university with. All coworkers over 30+ years. Many hobby friends (not all, some tinkerers on old motorcycle machinery are thoughtful people not easily kidded).

Two couples in our street.

That’s it.

Everyone else I’ve known or met either believes what they’re told or lacks courage to ask questions & definitely will not speak out.

It’s depressing.

Were it not for the online community across the world, I can imagine why in the 1930s, people mostly just said nothing.

And as we know, that’s all it takes for evil things to prevail.

I’ve pointed out to people that, EVEN if you believe everything you’ve been told, the totalitarian tyranny available to those who will control the “vaccines passports” database & algorithms which will drive the interoperability of each “passport” is so absolute, that you surely MUST oppose bringing into being anything so uniquely awful.

This is unarguable. No need for conspiracies real or theoretical. Just look at what a VaxPass system enables.

Place yourself anywhere in such a system once a modest majority of adults are on it.

You’re required to present it in order to cross an international border. Ok, not so odd. You do so with a national passport.

But how about to enter any public building? Or getting a prescription filled? Or getting on public transport? Or using your bank card, anywhere? (Easy for Visa/MasterCard to add a short subroutine on a card reader requiring a valid VaxPass to open for a transaction).

Any & all of these are coercive. You’ll effectively be excluded from your life, but by bit. If you don’t wish to be vaccinated, for any personal reason, it’ll be irrelevant. It’s vaccination or no VaxPass, no entry or no transaction.

Don’t argue “they won’t do that!”, because you’ve no idea & less control over that. What if I’m right?

We’re told “you can alternatively have a negative covid test”. Ok, expensive, slow & ultimately very limiting. I expect that will initially be a sop of an alternative. But I predict it’ll soon be withdrawn. Just like that. And there’ll be nothing you can do about it.

Coerced vaccination or soon, what amounts effectively to indefinite house arrest.

Now step forward a few months. There’ll be a new panic daily in the media, a new “variant” or crisis.

Your VaxPass instructs you to attend for your top up vaccine. Think you have a choice?

Your VaxPass expires if you fail to attend.

You have no choice. You’ll be completely controlled. Please recall what i & others have told you. No variant is even close to being different enough to require a further vaccination to protect against

This much we know with certainty from many peer reviewed journal articles & immunological principles.

So what is in those billion glass vials of manufactured top up vaccines?

Serious question. Please answer. It cannot be a real vaccine.

The worlds medicines regulators have decided no clinical safety studies are required for these top up vaccines.

What if I’m right? What if they really do have the potential to harm you?

There will be nothing you can do. The VaxPass controls everything you do except to think & dream.

If I’m wrong, you STILL don’t need vaccine passports!! They add absolutely nothing to safety. Once you’re vaccinated, you’re protected. You’re not made safer by seeing my VaxPass. Not in any way.

So please fight this impending horror, the totalitarian nightmare of control that you will grant whichever shadowy figures hold the database & adjust the algorithms.

Come on all you clever people!! Even if to date you’ve accepted more or less everything you’ve been told about this bizarre 16 month episode, please check what I’ve said about vaccine passports.

Please allow just enough scepticism to firmly reject them.

DO NOT get vaccinated for NON MEDICAL REASONS.

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