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I have written before about the issues created by the jab with regard hands on treatments. I have been trying to reinvent my work, by writing the self help ebooks and offering the distant energy treatments and coaching and support. The response i seem to get from people is that they will wait until they can see me.

I have been meditating on the best way I can be of service, and the message that I have been getting in response is to be patient, all will become clear. Not so easy when you are watching the bank balance depleting. 🙂. I have since last March tried to become a little more self sufficient by growing some vegetables, but I do not have a lot of knowledge and so it has been a case of planting and praying. I only have a very small garden which was landscaped with areas of slate and pebbles, so I am limited to pots. I intended to grow more this year, but things aren’t doing very well. I can only assume due to the weather.

Anyway, I am constantly learning and researching things related to health and well-being and spiritual growth, the cosmos and our part in it. If anyone is interested in information on a particular subject, please let me know.

The NHS is being sold off and the medical profession who have been trained by Rothschild institutions to match symptoms to drugs, to line their pockets in their pharmaceutical companies, have done little to help the health of the people over the last fifty or so years. Doctors do not treat the body as a whole and by giving drugs most often create more issues. A sick person is a life long customer, a healthy person is not. The Creator provided us with an amazing body capable of self healing, and an array of herbs and plants to support it. Doctors do not look for the root issue. These days most health issues are caused by toxins, in the environment, in our foods and products we use on ourselves and in our homes. Relationships can also be toxic and emotions that we hold onto are toxic and they create a block in our energy flow, causing a stagnation of energy. Generally, we are not taught how to process and release emotions, even though that is one of the main purposes of our lives here on earth. That, and learning to LOVE.

I have spent years cleansing my own energy field. It is an ongoing process. Things are laid down in layers, and if you have suffered trauma, you will be given one layer at a time. As we grow stronger a little more surfaces. it is not only important as an individual but important for the collective. The collective energy needs to reach a certain level for the ascension process. It is usually a case of rise or destruct. I believe that we have been given extra time as we were so close.

I do not know how we will experience it physically, but I am told that we are close to some sort of separation, a bifurcation.

If I have helped in anyway and you would like to help me and show your appreciation. I have made a link for donations which I hope will work. It is not evident and I cannot prove anything, but I am working daily with the collective energy to help transmute the negative. I believe I was guided to move here, between the Michael and Mary ley lines, for that reason. I don’t know if anyone felt it, but the energy was really heavy last week.

Thank you.

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