For those of you who know me, you will know that I have spoken over many years about the need to raise our vibration for ascension and to be free of the prison planet that we have found ourselves on. I also wrote a lot last year about the spiritual war that we were experiencing, and that it had presented itself as a virus. Unfortunately I lost all of my postings on my old website. On this website I have spoken several times about the ‘vaccine’ which is misnamed as it is an mRNA gene technology.

This whole vaccination programme is very much of the end game. It really is very much about making a choice as to whether you choose the spiritual pathway to ascension, and trust in the body that the creator gave you, in which to house your spirit and move towards freedom, or whether you choose the lower descension pathway towards transhumanism, controlled living, and a further cycle of imprisonment.

We are currently experiencing an overlap between the two, new earth, which is 5D and lived through the heart centre and the old earth which is led from the lower chakras. The divide will become more obvious over the coming months between the spiritually led unvaccinated and the vaccinated. It is difficult to go deeper as I am aware that some of my previous clients have already chosen the vaccine pathway. I am not here to judge! Friends have also chosen that pathway and my three children have made it clear that they intend to do so, as soon as it is available to them. They are currently closed to anything that I say, which is extremely upsetting, but something I have to accept.

My intention for writing now is that many on the spiritual pathway of ascension, those that have an inner sense that all is not as the government and media have been saying and whose intuition is telling them to avoid the vaccine, are likely to be feeling that they are very much on their own right now. If this is you, please email, as it will be important to set up communities, support groups of like minded souls.

I do not know how long we will experience the overlap for. At some point, I am told there will be a split, but right now I do not know how this might be experienced. As I said before, it may well be a bumpy ride, so connection to those of like mind, will make things feels easier and assist in keeping our vibration high.

Love and best wishes 💕

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