Cosmic Heart Awakening

I have been guided to start a weekly energy session. As I have said before we are going through a very important time in our human evolutionary process. Our experiences of the last year was an opportunity to ascend through the chakra system and to begin living through and from the heart centre, as we move into the Age of Aquarius.

We have seen much of the ‘shadow’ come to the surface to be seen and to be healed on a global scale, such as paedophilia, sexual abuse and human trafficking and on being confined to our homes, often in isolation, many people have struggled as their own shadows have risen asking to be healed.

To move forwards into a healthier, happier and more peaceful future. A future, where we can stand in our sovereignty, free from the control and restrictions placed upon us, we must be willing to face and heal our shadow so that our hearts can fully open.

It requires us to do some work on ourselves, but if anyone would like be in receipt of energy to assist in their heart activation. I intend an energy circle, on a Monday evening at 8- 8.30pm. To be included, please send me an email with your name and date of birth and preferably a photograph, which helps me to connect. If at the time, you are able to sit or lie comfortable and if you imagine my hand over your heart centre. (previous clients will be familiar with this as I start a session with the heart breath). Imagine the energy coming from the Cosmos, through me as a channel, to assist in awakening and clearing your energy. Focus on the deep belly breathing, breathing in healing energy and breathing out anything that no longer serves you.

We are all connected energetically. You may not feel or be aware of anything, but if you are more sensitive to the energies, you might feel warmth or tingling, you may feel emotions rise to the surface. If that is the case, allow yourself to feel them, so that they release. There is more information on the website under distant healing.

Sometimes, during an energy session, I receive a message, but it is not always the case, if I do I will email the following day.

I am not asking for payment, for this group session, but if you would like to make a donation for my time, it would be much appreciated. Here is a link to do so

If you would like to arrange an individual energy session, let me know.

I can include family members or friends into the circle, but their permission should be sought first.

Love and best wishes

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