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I know that I spoke last year on the blog on my old site about the situation that we were facing and fourteen months later, it would seem that many people are still not questioning the government and media and all the ridiculous and contradictory rules, and misleading (or deliberately false) information that they have been putting out.

This has never been about health. We are in a war, not with guns and bombs, but psychological and chemical. This has been planned for over a hundred years by the elite of this world, to take full control of the population, or what is left of it, as their first priority is to reduce the population by about 80%.

A virus is not something that is caught from someone else, as the government and their advisors would have people believe. The symptoms labelled as a virus is the body showing that it is healing from something that has sent it out of balance. Seasonal flu is caused as the body lacks vitamin d, during the winter months. If the government cared about the health of the people they would have given out vitamin d, c and zinc and made sure that everyone had fruit and vegetables to eat, rather than spending millions on unnecessary jabs. I will not call them vaccines as they are not a vaccine.

it has been the intention right from the beginning, not to have a healthy population, but to have a population of people that have been jabbed. That is why we have been kept in lockdown in spite of the numbers of deaths being lower than a normal flu season. It is all psychological programming to have them queuing up from what is a very dangerous and unnecessary jab. And now they are going for the children too.

They are not speaking in mainstream media about the thousands of adverse reaction. The deaths, the strokes, the paralysis, blindness, heart attacks, miscarriages etc that are following receipt of the jab. They are claiming it to be a coincidence that the number of deaths shot up after the initial roll out.

There are many doctors speaking out their concerns, but they are being silenced. Anyone who speaks about it on Facebook, you tube etc are being removed.

Every day, I am seeing more and more reports and people who have not received the jab are now being affected by being around those who have. We really are in a very dangerous situation and the only way out is for people to stand up and say NO. No to lockdowns, NO to masks, which cause so many health issues and help none, NO to tests, which have been shown to be unsuitable and again quite dangerous with their proximity to the brain and NO to the jabs and passports.

It would seem that many people have lost their ability to think critically and put their own health and that of their families at risk, by following orders.

Many have realised that things do not make sense and thousands, possibly over a million have marched in countries around the world, in March and April. Marching for freedom. Because this is not about health, but about control and taking away our human rights. If you only follow main stream media then you are probably unaware of the extent of the freedom marches as they have not been spoken about. They have been extremely peaceful!

if you heard anything about last Saturdays it was probably about police being injured in Hyde Park, but if you see the footage, the police attacked people singing and dancing, for no reason. Any main stream media reporting is biased to fit the agenda.

The future of humanity is at risk. The cosmic energies are changing to support the awakening, but we really need more people to become aware of the agenda before they put themselves at risk from the jab.

Many people are finding that they are losing relationships with friends and family, due to the differences in opinions. Some, just cannot believe that the government and NHS would do anything to harm them. I have been shocked that intelligent people, my three adult children included, seem to have lost the ability to question anything and are unwilling to even consider that their mother, who has only ever had their best interests at heart, might have something worth consideration to look at.

I care about people. I care about their health and well-being. I care about the earth. I care about our spiritual awakening. We have destroyed ourselves before. Humanity is on the brink of spiritual growth or destruction. The raising of our vibration and consciousness, with love of self, others and our planet, trust in our remarkable and clever bodies given to us by the creator and the victory of good over evil, or the alternative, death, or the loss of our spirit, to transhumanism.

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