December Update

Clients who already know me will see immediately that I have changed my website. It is still a work, but I was going to lose my previous website at the end of December. My computer knowledge is basic and all I know is that it was connected to Adobe. I had been informed some time ago that the website provider was no longer supporting the testimonial page, but it was still showing, and I am not aware of being informed that I would lose the postings, which is what has occurred. So I have been unable to transfer any of the testimonials added to my previous site to this one. If anyone is willing to write another for me to add, please email it.

I have also lost all the blogs that I wrote over the last ten years. Maybe that is a good thing. A declutter and a fresh start.

I have been unable to see clients in person, due to the government rulings. I am aware that there are massage therapists who are working, but the massage is only part of a treatment. Deep belly breathing is a very important element and this is not possible with the wearing of masks, as stipulated by the government. Something they are still insisting upon, in spite of the fact, they have been told by numerous professionals that masks are of no benefit and are in fact detrimental to health.

If you read my blogs of this year on my old website, you would be aware that I do not believe that the experience we have had this year has been anything to do with a virus.

We are very much in a spiritual war, an attempt to have us all in servitude to a New World Order. Masks are ineffective in controlling a virus, but they are effective at showing all those willing to submit . Think of the yellow badges the Jews were forced to wear in WW2, but now in 2020, much of the population are willingly submitting to rules and regulations that are contradictory and unjustified, without even questioning, and allowing themselves to be caught in the fearmongering of the government and mainstream media.

I am aware that the number of people questioning the situation has increased, but we really do need a mass awakening.

The energies have been very strong this month and we are very close now to a very unusual astrological alignment between Jupiter and Saturn. Various New Agers have been predicting some big event. A solar flash or some cataclysm of some sort. Other religious people seem to be waiting for Jesus to return to save us, or them, anyway. And yet others seem to be predicting that alien beings will come and beam people to their ships. Any or all of these are possibilities, but I, personally, am not sensing any of those.

My personal sense with regard our current situation is connected to us as individuals. We each have a choice, as to whether we choose to walk the descension time line, which is the one the government are pushing people towards - slaves to the elite, human robots, disconnection from our spirit, or we can choose the ascension pathway, which is going inward, connecting to our spirit, healing our 'stuff/baggage' and raising our own personal vibrations and standing strong in our sovereignty.

I was cleaning my healing room yesterday and came across a postcard with a quote that is very fitting.

'The creator has planted within every creature a fragment of itself, a spark, a spirit of the same nature as itself and thanks to this spirit every creature can become a creator and this means that instead of always waiting for their need to be satisfied by some eternal source, human beings can work inwardly by means of their thought, their will and their spirit to obtain the nourishing healing elements they need' -

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

This is what my work has been about. There is just one thing that I would now disagree with, following all my research over the last few months into our human origin. I no longer believe that every person has the spark of spirit. I think that anyone reading this would have, but it is my current understanding that there are now beings that have been 'implanted' amongst us, to assist the elite in bringing down our vibration. We would know these people as narcissists, of which there seems to be an increasing number. Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be in relationship with one, will know how hard it is to keep ones personal vibration up, when being constantly pushed into shame and guilt.

I would also like to add a note about the vaccine. I am not telling anyone what they should or should not do, however, I asking that people really consider it thoroughly and do their own investigations before running to take the vaccine.

There is depending on your age and state of health over a 99.5% survival rate from the covid, so why would a vaccine be necessary? The scientists have not been able to isolate the virus, so how have they produced a vaccine to stop it? The virus has apparently now transmuted into a different strain, so what good is the vaccine? There are simple natural remedies to assist if symptoms are experienced such as vitamin d, c and zinc, as well as others, but the governments are not speaking about natural ways to boost the body's immune system. The vaccine contains aluminium which is known to contribute to Alzheimer's, just one of many toxic substances. My biggest concern is that it is an rna vaccine. This is new and not tested. A vaccination usually takes at least ten years to be tested, this one has been rushed through in months. without proper testing. The government has waivered any responsibility to the companies involved, should someone suffer damage or death from it. Why? It is widely believed that it will cause sterilisation in both men and women. Nobody knows the effect energetically, although we have already seen some physical problems resulting, such as paralysis and facial palsy. My sense is that it will somehow contribute to blocking the connection to spirit.

So, as I said, I ask you to research, but be aware that the government have an army task force removing anything that speaks against the vaccine from the internet. I would ask why they would consider that necessary?

We are now a week away from Christmas. I have sensed for some weeks that the government will bring about another lockdown for Christmas, in spite of all that has been previously said. We are moving in that direction with most of the country having now been put into tier three. The numbers being used are based on positive test results and not cases of illness. Test results from a test that has been shown by many scientists to not be appropriate and with an extremely high false positive rate. The government have also lobbed the flu and covid into one figure, and are keeping a running total, to make it appear more frightening. In previous years with flu, the number would have been refreshed at the beginning of the flu season.

Whatever you are planning for the holiday period, keep up with the deep belly breathing and all the practices to keep your energetic vibration high. Release all the lower vibrational emotions. The energy of the lower vibrations feed the elite. Open your heart, live in and from love, respect and compassion for all fellow human beings and the earth that we live upon.

Much love to all xx

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