Docuseries by Health Matters on covid

I have been warning against the covid j*bs since they were first mentioned two years ago. My initial thoughts were based on my intuition, but I always question my intuition and research. I have in the past given links to different doctors and scientists who have also questioned them and whose voices have been shut down by the governments. These could very well have been on the old website.

Tomorrow, Jonathan Otto from Health Matters is starting a free nine part docuseries on the covid hoax and the j*bs. If anyone is interested the link is If you are not interested, please pass the information on to anyone that you know, who is still believing the narrative or perhaps starting to question it. It is very important that the information gets out to as many people as possible. Covid was just the start. We now have the Ukraine. All steps towards Klaus Schwab’s New World Order. We have to stand in our sovereignty and say NO, before we lose all of our freedoms.

I have had a sneak preview of the docuseries and have written some notes with regard the information spoken about.

Dr Vladamir Zelenko began investigating when he became suspicious of the narrative and found that there has been twenty years of patents on covid vaccines with traits describing the developments of weapons of mass destruction. This is the possibly biggest crime in human history.

One name appeared consistently on all of the papers. Dr Ralph Baric of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In 1988/9 they figured out how to cross species and in 2002 they modified the coronavirus to destroy lung tissue and create blood clots. In 2015, they used bats to weaponise it.

In 2010, an antidote was created. Zinc ionophores and zinc, but the worlds governments suppressed these during the pandemic, along with other treatments such as Ivermectin that were found to cure the symptoms. Doctors in Australia have been imprisoned for six months for giving Ivermectin, as it causes ‘vaccine hesitation’.

These j*bs are not vaccines as we have previously known them, although the word has now been redefined. The patents show that they contain a technology device to deliver biometric data, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and location, to a third party in another location. There is another patent that links it to crypto currency and the social credit system. If this is allowed to continue, what might it mean? Global slavery. Exclusion from society and commerce?

There have been over 19,000 reported deaths following the covid shots in the last year. In over thirty years of vaccines, there have been less than 9000 from all licensed vaccines. They are still in trial until 2023. Why haven’t they been stopped. The American heart association published on November 8th that the jabs dramatically increased inflammation in the heart muscle leading to blood clot disorders, heard disease and vascular events including strokes and heart attacks, but the governments are continuing to push them onto children, even though heart inflammation in 12 – 18 year olds has increased by twenty times.

It is not a vaccine, it is a bioweapon. Is it any coincidence that bioweapons labs have been found in the Ukraine?

I believe that the docuseries will cover protocols of self care, if you or your loved ones did take the jab. The information that I received at the beginning was that they would not all be dangerous and that the batches were mixed with saline, but the more people took, the bigger the risk.

I have said before that my adult children would not listen to me and went for the jabs. I don’t know how many they have had as they won’t discuss it with me. My daughter has an autoimmune issue anyway, but has had several bouts of ‘flu’ over the last six months. One so severe that she thought she was going to die. About the end of January she was ill again. This time she told me it was covid. I assume that she used one of the tests that have been found to be unfit for purpose and it seems people are now unable to determine whether or not they are unwell, without a test to tell them so. My point being that two jabs and a booster, according to a test, covid, and she still believes the government and media.

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