I am reiterating things that I have said many times before, as it seems very important as we move into this next phase of fear mongering with the new Omicron variant. For anyone who had not yet realised it, Omicron is an anagram of Moronic.

We are in an energetic and spiritual war. A war that many people are unaware of and with an enemy that is hidden, but who are behind the actions of the world leaders, dictating the agenda. They are quite possibly under threat or blackmail. This has never been about a virus and has always been about control and taking away our freedoms and rights. I am aware that many more people have started to question the narrative, with the talk of three or four monthly jabs and the number of young fit athletes that have died suddenly in recent months, but it still surprises me the number of people so wrapped up in the drama, that they are rushing to get tests, that even the inventor said are unfit for this purpose and have been shown to contain graphene oxide that is a cancer causing agent, not to mention running for untested jabs, without any thought or consideration for the fact, that as we are now on the fourth, and the prime minister himself has said that they do not stop you catching covid. Of course he has failed to mention that the side effects from the jabs are actually more dangerous than the virus itself. But as this is all part of the agenda for depopulation, it would seem that it is working efficiently, and it is interesting that the symptoms of the new variant conveniently match the side effects experienced by many following the jabs, and as anyone who is not fully up to date with the jabs from last Monday are to be considered unjabbed, the upcoming deaths will be put down to Omricon.

The death toll is likely to increase exponentially as we move further into the usual flu season as the jabs decrease the immune system week by week.

I have also said before , that we are at the end of an earthly cycle and at the end of every cycle we are faced with an initiation which will determine the future pathway of our spirit. A fork in the road to speak, ascension or descension. The ascension path being the one of the Christ consciousness, the organic sovereign being and the descension, that of Lucifer and Ahriman and transhumanism. I think by now everyone has made their choice which path they are going to take.

the guidance that I am being constantly given is that to proceed in a quicker and easier manner, we need to clear our energy and raise our individual vibration to add to the collective. I spoke several years ago, about the game of life and likening it to a computer game. The points accrued are not yet high enough to take us to the next level of the game. Whatever we focus our attention on we give our energy to and whatever we give our energy to we draw into our experience. Focusing on and worrying about what might happen, will bring it about. ‘Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones,’ a quote given on

Tantra is not all about sex, although sacred sexuality is a part of it, Tantra is a pathway to enlightenment, which is learning to process and clear our emotions in order to raise our individual energetic vibration. Every emotion has a vibration, the lowest being fear, anger, shame and guilt and unconditional love being the highest. Tantra is about living from the heart centre with love, respect, care and compassion for our fellow human and the earth that we live upon.

I wrote the ebooks on energy mastery and sacred sexuality, to explain the principles. I can offer coaching and support to anyone interested in the spirituality or experiencing health issues.

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