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I have had many clients asking me about appointments for massage. The covid jab has created issues with regard seeing clients in person. I call it a jab, because it is not a vaccine, as the government and media are calling it. It is an experimental technology. I say experimental, although I believe those initiating it, are fully aware of the technology and the intention, even if those administering are not. I was given guidance that I would not be able to see clients who had received the jab long before any were given, which did not make sense at the time, but has since been evidenced, with many people experiencing physical symptoms, following time spent with people who have taken part in the continuing experiment.

I am in online groups of therapists, both spiritual and otherwise, and there are some who are saying that they are working with clients who have been jabbed and they are fine. I would suggest that these are therapists who do not work with the energy field. I would also suggest that just because they are not aware of feeling anything, right now, does not mean that it is not happening. That is not said with the intention of fear mongering, but there are individuals who are more sensitive to energy than others and every health issue begins in the energetic body, long before it is seen or felt in the physical.

But that is not what I wanted to write about today. I am writing because, I have been offering other services, energy healing, coaching, soul evolution reports and the response I usually get is that they will wait until the can see me in person. So, being honest, this is partly written out of concern as with not earning any money by bank balance is rapidly reducing. I can understand that someone who has little or no experience of energy might be reluctant to pay for an energy treatment when they cannot see that I am actually carrying it out, but I would hope that any clients that I have seen over the past ten years would know that I am a genuine and honest person.

it is sometimes hard to talk about energy, because although we and everything around is is made up of energy, we are not generally taught to be aware of it and particularly these days, many people spend their entire time in their head space, attached to mobile phones or looking at screens, that unless they are in pain, they are unaware of the energy moving through their bodies.

Our energetic body holds every experience that we have ever had and any form of trauma will cause a block in the flow of energy around our body, which if not cleared will at some point express itself in the physical In the form of disease,

Our energetic body attracts other people into our physical life. A sexual experience led by the ego for physical gratification is a very different experience from that of coming together at an energetic level and most of the population are probably unaware of the potential that they could experience throughout their body, if they became aware of the energy moving through it. The more you become aware, the more you will feel.

I believe the only way we are going to move forwards from our current experience is if more people awaken to the world of spirit and energy and the fact that they are more than a physical body. I believe that there are something people walking amongst us that do not have ‘spirit’, that part of us that connects us to our true Creator, that there are beings who have been placed into this game of life by the ‘controllers’ to try and stop us connecting to our spirit and realising our sovereignty. These people are what we call those of a narcissistic character and have no care or compassion for those around them.

I believe that I came to this life to assist in the ascension process with my energy. It has been my intention to help people transmute and clear their energy and to raise their vibration for that purpose. I believe that I was guided to move to my current location, because my house sits between the Michael and Mary ley lines, which are energetic grid of the earth. The energies have been growing stronger and stronger over this last year, most particularly in the last few weeks, following the lunar and solar eclipse and solstice. My reason for writing this is to try and show that you do not have to be in the same room, physically, to experience an energetic treatment from me. How much you physically feel will be dependent upon how aware you are of your own energy, but just because you do not physically feel something in the moment does not mean that it is not healing or clearing something that you are not yet aware of.

I have been working energetically with someone whom I have a strong energetic connection to. Our intention is to allow the dragon energy ( the ley lines are also called dragon lines) to use us in whatever way is needed for the good. He is around 250 miles away physically, but we are able to connect with just a thought. The energy becomes more powerful, when we also connect with the voice. But although our 3D physical bodies are not experiencing themselves in the same room, we are able to feel each others energy, as though we are. I can only imagine how hard it would be for someone to understand this, if they had not experienced it for themselves and I do believe that the connection that we have is probably rare.

I have spent the last year trying to learn more, understand more about our life here on earth and the situation that we are facing. I do know that just about everything that we have been led to believe about our history is not the truth and so much has been kept from us. I have also been trying to find understanding for what I have been experiencing personally and following an extremely powerful time this morning, the most powerful yet, I believe that I am transmuting energy from the collective through my physical body. I think that I need the masculine energy to keep it in balance, to keep it grounded.

I know from experiences throughout my life that being in my energy seems to bring things to surface for healing. Many people do not want to face their shadows and heal them and would prefer to avoid them, but this last year has been very much about clearing and healing from both the individual and collective. Stuffing down and Ignoring all the nasty stuff, the paedophilia, the human trafficking, the slavery, the sexual satanic abuse, the harm that we humans have caused to our earth, will not help us. We have to look at it to heal it, we have to acknowledge the wrong doings, so that we can find new ways, where the earth and every living creature is treated with love and respect.

The governments do not have the well being of the populations in mind with any of their actions. Their agenda is depopulation and control. If we each face our shadows and clear our energies and raise our vibration both individually and collectively, we can look forward to a brighter future. A future of love, peace, joy, laughter. In a community that recognises and respects the gifts and talents of each individual.

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