February thoughts.

I had intended to write earlier in the month, but I had a series of unexpected events, including my boiler packing up.

I do not know about anyone else, but I am now finding the government and media narrative rather tedious. I am also finding it difficult to know what to write and have deleted several paragraph. I am very aware that my thoughts and feelings about our current experience is very different from those in my close circle.

I do know that there are many in the country who share similar views to myself, but that there are also many who are still believing in the government and media propaganda. Unfortunately, it is hard to know how many people living in the vicinity are of like mind.

I will add another link with regard the testing and the so called ‘vaccine’, although there is very much more.

If anyone is reading this maybe you would like to email me at, to give me an idea of your views on mask wearing, testing, the vaccine, whether you believe that there is a deadly virus, or whether you think that there is more to it.

Love and best wishes.


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