Freedom Day

It seems that many were expecting things to return to ‘normal’ yesterday, including members of my own family. They know that my insights say differently, but it seems they are experiencing such cognitive dissonance that they will not even allow a conversation.

It is interesting to observe. I was with my daughter a couple of weeks ago and asked her if she had seen the deaths and injuries reported on the yellow card system, to which I was told not to say anything more as I was causing her distress. Her physical distress shows that her body is aware of the dangers, but her mind refuses to accept.

The only people who have ever lost their freedom, is those that have chosen to follow and obey a tyrannical government, without question, without critical thought. Many people have asked why some can see through all the nonsense and the others can’t. Some have thought that those ‘seeing through it’ are more spiritually aware, but I had thought that my friends had spiritual awareness and yet they have been taking in by it all. Perhaps is is connected to the television and news. I personally have never really been drawn to either. The television has certainly been used for many years for psychological manipulation of consciousness. I have also been shocked to find that many people practising in the field of spirituality have run for the jab, and showing a complete lack of trust in the incredible body that the creator provided them with.

My sense in the last couple of weeks was that the government were making a think about ‘freedom day’, because they can now see who they have really managed to catch in their lies. They have supposedly released restrictions, but have instilled so much fear, that people and businesses are now self regulating. I haven’t been into town, but others I am in touch with, say that nothing seems to have changed, that they are still the only ones without masks in shops, even though they have only ever been proven to do harm and not good, most especially in the heat that we have experienced the last few days.

I did receive an email last week from the local Chestnut group of restaurants, telling me how much they were looking forward to freedom day and informing me of the new rules, although it seemed they hadn’t actually changed at all, My son has tickets for a Newmarket music evening in a couple of weeks and even though it is an outside event, they are stating that masks should be worn and yet it seems from the photographs that it was not a requirement at Ascot, before ‘freedom day’.

In order to flow through this ascension process, we need to strengthen our connection to spirit and stand strong in our sovereignty. We will speed up the process by clearing our energy and raising our own vibration to add to the collective. The dark controllers feed from the lower energies, of fear, shame and guilt. They cannot survive in the higher vibrational energies of love, joy, peace etc.

I believe the rest of this year is going to get difficult. The death rate did not go up last year. It was higher in 2018 than it was last year. We have seen two surges. One last year, as the elderly were killed off with Midazolan, and one in January this year, as more died following the jabs. The graphene oxide in the jabs, has destroyed the natural immunity system so the death is likely to rise exponentially. The government is likely to blame the unjabbed and the children, as they have not been able to get as many volunteers for the experiment as they hoped and they are likely to bring in threats to get people to give in.

Death is a natural part of the cycle of life. The death of a loved one is something we all experience at some time, but usually spaced out throughout our lives. I have said this before, but if you have children or grandchildren in your family, please protect them! I don’t have any in my family, of which I am rather relieved right now, but I keep being told in my guidance ‘to protect the children’.

Government bosses this morning agreed to open up coronavirus vaccinations to 12 to 15-year-olds with severe health conditions.

‘Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said he had listened to advice from the independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), but stopped short of allowing all under-18s to receive a vaccine.

The decision instead includes those with severe neuro-disabilities, Down’s Syndrome, immunosuppression and multiple or severe learning disabilities.’.

The jab is causing neuro-disabilities and immunosuppression. This is extremely dangerous. Healthy children in the USA have died or have ended up paralysed. It is heartbreaking.

An unjabbed child does not put anyone else at risk!

So many avenues that I could go down, but I will leave it there for now. It is hard to speak and not potentially add to fear.

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